Lớp 10

Bộ 5 đề thi giữa HK2 môn Tiếng Anh 10 có đáp án năm 2021 Trường THPT Can Lộc

Qua nội dung tài liệu Bộ 5 đề thi giữa HK2 môn Tiếng Anh 10 có đáp án năm 2021 Trường THPT Can Lộc giúp các em học sinh lớp 10 có thêm tài liệu ôn tập rèn luyện kÄ© năng làm bài để chuẩn bị cho các kì thi sắp đến được HOC247 biên soạn và tổng hợp đầy đủ. Hi vọng tài liệu sẽ có ích với các em.

Chúc các em có kết quả học tập tốt!




(Thời gian làm bài: 45 phút, không kể thời gian phát đề)

1. Đề số 1

 Choose the word whose main stress is placed differently from the others in each group:

1.      A. anxious                       B. convenient             C. excursion               D. formation

2.      A. lotus                             B. guitar                      C. peaceful                 D. glorious

3.      A. spacious                      B. visit                         C. campfire                 D. soundly

4.      A. persuade                     B.  permit                    C. delicious                 D. sunburn

5.      A. occasional                  B. geography              C. information            D. participant

6.      A. resort                          B. request                    C. progressive            D. fortunate

Choose the word whose underlined part has a different pronunciation from the others in each group:

7.      A. banana                        B. classmate               C. pagoda                    D. camera

8.      A. worse                           B. world                      C. sword                      D. worm

9.      A. husband                      B. button                     C. circus                      D. funny

10.    A. excursion                    B. sunburn                  C. nurse                       D. picture

11.    A. caves                           B. marks                      C. exams                     D. days

Choose the best answer A, B, C or D for each sentence:

12. I know that he __________ in the library at this moment.

         A. works                          B. has worked            C. is working              D. was working

13. There are a lot of black clouds in the sky. It __________   soon.

          A. is raining                     B. will have rained     C. is going to rain      D.  will rain

14. By the time he arrived, all his classmates __________

          A. would leave                B. were leaving          C. left                           D. had left

15. I work from Tuesday to Saturday, and Sunday and Monday are my __________.

          A. working days              B. days out                  C. breaks                     D. days off

16. The cottage is surrounded by the most glorious countryside.

          A. ordinary                      B. honorable               C. beautiful                 D. gloomy

17. Your tour includes a one-day __________ to the Grand Canyon by air.

          A. camping                      B. travel                       C. excursion               D. visit

18. The cheese is soft and white and absolutely __________.        

          A. tasteful                        B. glorious                  C. delicious                 D. interesting

19. He did finally come with us, although it took a long time to  __________ him.

          A. believe                        B. permit                     C. persuade                 D. take

20. This town is a popular __________ for art lovers.

          A. destination                  B. arrival                     C. department             D. visitation

21. Don’t throw away the __________ . We can have them for supper.

          A. sundeck                       B. photos                     C. food                         D. leftovers

22. Tom and I  __________ to Mary’s birthday party together.

         A. am going                     B. are going                C. will go                     D. go

23. It will __________ rain later so we should go and have our picnic now.

         A. preferable                   B. probably                  C. likely                     D. usually

24. The school prepares students for a wide range of  __________ qualifications.

          A. profess                        B. professional           C.  profession             D. professionally

25. She  __________ sixteen years old next Saturday.

         A. is                                  B. is going to              C. will be                     D. has     

26. I  __________ our teacher tomorrow, so I shall give him your note.

         A. have seen                    B. going to see           C. shall have seen      D. am seeing

27. Our class __________ a picnic at Thay Pagoda this Sunday.

         A. am having                   B. will has                   C. is going to have     D. go to have

28. Look! The bus ____________________.

          A. will come             B. is coming      C. will be coming        D. is going to come

29. “Are Alice and Tom still living in New York?” – “No, they __________ to Dallas.”

          A. are moving.                 B. had already moved                                    

          C. have just moved         D. will moved

Choose the underlined part that needs correction.

30. I’ll fly to Mars next week. I’ve already gotten a ticket.

        A              B                               C                      D

31. The rock formations in the Valley of Fire in Nevada has been worn into many strange

   A             B                           C

shapes by the action of wind and water.


32. Have you heard the news? The President has been shooting!

        A                          B                                                C        D

33. The girl whom you met last night was used to be a singer.

       A             B                                            C            D

34. They are going to have to leave soon, and so do we.

                       A                             B                       C       D

35.Don’t forget posting the letter I gave you

         A                 B        C                D

Read the following passage carefully, and then select the best option A, B, C or D to complete it:

Hi everyone.

I’ve been in Paris for over a week now and I’m having a great (36) ……….. In the first few days I did quite a lot of (37)………..  the Eiffel Tower. Notre Dame. and all the usual tourist attractions. Most places are absolutely (38) ……….  with tourists, so yesterday I decided to have a (39) ……….round the shops.

Today I’ve been to a couple of interesting  art (40) ……….. I got (41)…………..on my way back to the hotel, but it didn’t matter because I discovered a really fascinating (42) ……….with lots of little stalls, selling  just about everything from apples to antiques.

I ate in the hotel the first night but usually I (43) …………….for dinner – the restaurants are great and I can get a set meal for less than 25 euros. I’m afraid I’ve (44) ………. a lot of money, but it’s a great place. You’ll be able to see for yourself (45) ………. I get back – I’ve taken lots of photos.

I hope you’re all well. I’ll write again next week.


36. A. visit                        B. holiday               C. trip                           D. excursion

37. A. viewing                  B. sightseeing         C. looking                    D. landscape

38. A. took                        B. stayed                 C. packed                     D. full

39. A. look                        B. visit                     C. day-off                    D. walking

40. A. exhibits                 B. castles                 C. concerts                  D. galleries

41. A. left                          B. loss                      C. lost                           D. disappeared

42. A. temple                    B. palace                 C. cathedral                 D. market

43. A. go out                    B. leave                   C. call                           D. stay in

44. A. paid                        B. spent                   C. lost                           D. gotten

     45 A. until                      B. while                   C. after                       D. when

Read the passage carefully, then choose the one best answer A, B, C or D.

For the last few months I have spent every Saturday in my flat and have done nothing more exciting than work at home, read the newspapers and watch television. I had begun feeling, bored with this and so, last weekend I though I would do something different. I rang up several of my friends and we decided to go to London for the day. I was really excited as I hadn’t been to London since I was ten. We decided to go by coach as this was by far the cheapest means of transport that was available even though it meant that we needed to get up very early. Once in London we decided to take a sightseeing tour as we wanted to see some of the famous buildings. After the tour we bought some sandwiches and ate them in a small park. In the afternoon two of us went shopping and the others went to the theater. We met up again at 6:30 p.m. and went to a small restaurant in Soho. The meal was really good but, unfortunately, it took much longer than we had expected. We had to get a taxi back to the coach station. Luckily, we got there just two minutes before our coach left.

46. According to the passage the writer __________.

A. usually spends his weekend at home.           B. went to London with some of his friends.

C. has lived in London for ten years.                D. feels bored with his life.

47. He felt so excited about going to London because __________.

   A. he hadn’t been there before.    B. he hadn’t been there for ten years.

   C. he went there ten years ago.    D. he hadn’t been there for a long time.

48. Why did they decide to go by coach?

A. Because it was available.                                                      

B. Because they wanted to start early.

C. Because other means of transport were more expensive.

D. Because it was one of the most efficient means of transport.

49. Which of the following is true?

A. They all went shopping before going to theater. 

B. They made a sightseeing tour of London and then had lunch.

C. They had lunch in a small restaurant.                  

D. They left the city at 6:30 p.m.

50. It can be inferred from the text that __________.   

A. they nearly missed the coach because of the meal.          

B. they didn’t enjoy the meal in the restaurant very much.

C. the coach had already left when they got to the station.    

D. they missed the coach and had to take a taxi back.


 1.A     2.B      3.C      4.D      5.C      6.D      7.B      8.C      9.C      10.D    11.B    12.C    13.C    14.D

15.D    16.C    17.C    18.C    19.C    20.A    21.D    22.B    23.B    24.B    25.C    26.D    27.C    28.B

29.C    30.A    31.A    32.D    33.C    34.C    35.B    36.B    37.B    38.C    39.A    40.D    41.C    42.D

43.A    44.B    45.D    46.B    47.D    48.C    49.B    50.A

2. Đề số 2

Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others.

1.    A. key                  B. they                       C. today                     D. survey

2.    A. time                B. fit                           C. fine                        D. Friday

3.    A. voice              B. coin                       C. coincide                D. noise

4.    A. famous           B. face                        C. take                        D. catch

5.    A. family             B. sky                         C. type                       D. clarify

Choose the word whose main stress is placed differently from the others.

6.  A. channel  B. media                      C cartoon                     D. comment

7. A. documentary       B. advantage               C. magazine                D. popularity

8. A. newspaper          B. encourage               C. responsible D. effective

9. A. beautiful  B. television                 C. Internet                   D. interfere

10. A. enjoy                 B. relax                        C. recommend             D. intend

Choose the one word or phrase – A, B, C or D – that best completes the sentence.

11. You can hear BBC news________ all over the world.

       A. shows             B. announcements    C. receipts                 D. programs

12. Television can make things________ because it presents information in an effective way.

       A. memory          B. memorial              C. memorable           D. memorably

13. Do you understand this ________? ‘200 WOMEN GIVEN WRONG DIAGNOSIS’

       A. report             B. headline                C. news                      D. advert

14. Children often prefer looking at ________to reading books.

       A. newspapers   B. comics                   C. articles                  D. commercials

15. In Britain, there are some ‘terrestrial’ ________on TV such as BBCI, BBC2, ITV1

       A. programs        B. series                     C. channels               D. cables

16. ‘Is the paper published every day?’ ‘No, it ________out once a week.’

       A. turns               B. goes                       C. produces               D. comes       

17. Editorial ________in ‘The Guardian’ tended to support the government in this matter.

       A. comments      B. complaints            C. commands            D. comedies

18. A ________is a film with factual information, often about a problem in society.

       A. series              B. soap opera            C. documentary        D. drama

19. There was a report ________ The Independent ________ this new law.

       A. on/ for            B. in/ to                      C. in/ about               D. on/ in

20. __________ is a system connecting millions of computer worldwide.

A. The television           B. The Internet          C. The media D. The phone

Choose the one word or phrase – A, B, C or D – that best completes the sentence.

21. The scheme allows students from many countries________ with each other.

       A. communicate            B. to communicate  C. communicating    D. communicates

22. ________ the storm warnings, we did not go out last night.

       A. Since                          B. In spite of             C. Because of            D. The result

23. This is the fifth time you ________ me the same question.

       A. ask                              B. asked                     C. are asking            D. have asked

24. When I arrived at the party, Lucy________ home.

       A. has already gone                               B. had already gone

       C. already went                                      D. already was going

25. English people spent 18 hours per week ________ TV.

       A. watching                    B. to watch                C. watch                     D. for watching

26. I’ve lived in a small house near the coast ________1990.

       A. from                            B. since                      C. in                            D. for

27. She left home in 1993 and ________ since.

       A. hasn’t seen                 B. didn’t see               C. hasn’t been seen   D. wasn’t seen

28. It’s time we________ this old car and bought a new one.

       A. will sell                      B. have sold              C. had sold                D. sold

29. Since Mr Hassan ________ president, both taxes and unemployment ________.

       A. has become/ increased                     B. became/ increased

       C. became/ have increased                   D. has become/ have increased

30. ________ all my warnings, he tried to fix the computer himself.

       A. Although                    B. In spite of             C. Because                D. Instead of

31. Some television programs ________

       A. may make children to be violent.               B. make children be violent.

       C. may make children violent.                        D. make children being violent.

32. I ________ away most of my old books when I moved house.

       A. threw                          B. have thrown         C. had thrown           D. was throwing

33. You ________ whisper. Nobody can hear us.

       A. needn’t to                   B. don’t have to         C. mustn’t                  D. need to

34. The children. ________ to the Botanical Garden.

       A. were enjoyed taken                                      B. were enjoyed taking

       C. enjoyed taking                                              D. enjoyed being taken

35. So far this week there________ three burglaries in our street.

       A. are                               B. were                       C. have been             D. had been

Identify the one underlined word or phrase – A, B, C or D – that must be changed for the sentence to be correct.

36.  The investigation into the president’s past was covered through the media worldwide.

–(Nội dung đầy đủ, chi tiết vui lòng xem tại online hoặc đăng nhập để tải về máy)—


I.          A.        1. A     2. B     3. C     4. D     5. A

B.        6. C     7.B      8.A      9.D      10.C

II.                    11. D   12. C   13. B   14.B    15.C    16.D    17.A    18.C    19.C    20.B

III.       A.        21. B   22. C   23. D   24. B   25.A    26.B    27.C    28. D   29.C    30.B

                        31. C   32. A   33. B   34. D   35. C

B.        36. C (by)      37. D (constantly)                38. D (enough subscribers)

39. C (whom)                        40. B (because)


A.        41.       B         42.D    43.C    44.A    45.C    46.C    47.A    48.D    49.B    50.D   

B.        51. B   52.A    53.C    54.D    55.A   

V.  56.D    57.C    58.B    59.C    60.A

3. Đề số 3

Choose the word that has the underlined (letters) pronounced differ­ently from the others.

1. A. famous           B. nervous                                 C. dangerous            D. mountain

2. A. town               B. cow                                        C. snow                     D. brown

3. A. spread            B. disease                                  C. health                   D. pleasure

4. A. flood              B. good                                      C. foot                       D. look

5. A. crop                B. export                                   C. shortage               D. resort

Choose the word whose main stress is placed differently from the others.

1. A. community    B. villagers                                C. diseases               D. important

2. A. electricity      B. instead                                  C. decided                D. enclose

3. A. shortage         B. product                                 C. technology          D. manage

4. A. resurface       B. knowledge                            C. technical              D. export

5. A. suburb           B. entertainment                        C. medical               D. atmosphere

Choose the one word or phrase – A,B, C or D – that best completes the sentence or substitutes for the underlined word or phrase.

1. The recent heavy rains have helped to ease the water __________.

       A. supply                  B. poverty                    C. plenty                 D. shortage

2. I wanted to work somewhere where I could serve the __________.

       A. village                  B. community             C. town                    D. country

3. They tried to find a way of bettering their lives.

       A. moving                 B. changing                 C. achieving           D. improving

4. He came in tired and hungry and badly __________ need of a bath.

       A. for                         B. to                              C. on                        D. in

5. Last year we had a bumper crop of strawberries.

       A. large crop            B. poor crop                C. early crop           D. record crop

6. I don’t like quizzes because my general __________ is so poor.

       A. appearance          B. memory                   C. knowledge         D. thinking

7. The house had been __________ three apartments.

       A. turned in              B. put in                       C. pulled down       D. turned into

8. I’ll speak to her as soon as she comes out of the meeting.

       A. goes to                 B. appears                    C. leaves                 D. attends

9. Most of the roads in the city have been  __________ recently.

       A. replaced               B. resurfaced             C. removed             D. returned

10. Is all this technology making our __________ simpler?

       A. life                        B. life’s                        C. livings                D. lives

Choose the one word or phrase – A, B, C or D – that best completes the sentence.

1. My mother and I are really looking forward __________ you again.

       A. to see                     B. seeing                     C. to seeing              D. if we can see

2. I’ll look after the children while you  __________ dinner.

       A. make                      B. are making            C. will be making    D. made

3. ‘It’s really raining.’ `Yes. If the weather __________ we’ll have to camp somewhere else.’

       A. would get worse   B. might get worse    C. get worse            D. should get worse

4. I’m going away for a few days. __________ back I’ll phone you.

       A. when I get             B. while I’m getting  C. if I get                 D. since .I get

5. __________ soon, I’m not going to wait.

       A. When they don’t come                             B. If they don’t come

       C. If they won’t come                                    D. When they’ll come

6. ‘Please don’t leave your boots in the hall.’

       My mother is always telling me __________

       A. not to leave my boots in the hall.           B. don’t leave my boots in the hall.

       C. not to leave your boots in the hall.         D. not leave my boots in the hall

7. About 120 people _________ with the virus of bird flu since it _________ in Asia in 2003.

       A. have infected/ spread                               B. were infected/ has spread

       C. have been infected/ spread                      D. have been infected/ was spread .

8.  ‘Did you meet Ann here at the university?’

       ‘No, we __________ when I started college.’

       A. have already met                                      B. had already met

       C. had already been met                               D. had already meet

9. If it __________ very hard, the streets flood.

       A. rains                       B. will rain                 C. is raining              D. would rain

10. I notified the bank that I __________ my address.

       A. was changing        B. have changed        C. had changed        D. change

11. We’ll be late unless we __________ now.

       A. leave                      B. don’t leave             C. had left                 D. have left

12. ‘Did you tell Carol where __________ us this evening?’ ‘Yes, I did.’

       A. should she meet   B. she to meet            C. she meets             D. to meet

13. When we. were children we __________ skating every winter.

       A. had gone               B. are used to going  C. would go             D. were going

14. This technology is useless if you __________ to operate it.

       A. don’t train              B. won’t train             C. haven’t trained    D. aren’t trained

15. ‘How many people are there in your family?’

The interviewer asked me __________                                  

A. how many people there were in your family.  

B. how many people were there in my family.

C. how many people were there in your family.

D. how many people there were in my family.

Identify the one underlined word or phrase – A, B, C or D – that must be changed for the sentence to be correct.

–(Nội dung đầy đủ, chi tiết vui lòng xem tại online hoặc đăng nhập để tải về máy)—





I. A











I. B

































































C will get


D was coming


D (.)


A lived


C  I could


B have


C won’t


D there


C had seen


B comfortable enough












V. A





















V. B











4. Đề số 4

Choose the word that has the underlined (letters) pronounced differ­ently from the others.

1. A. gulf                      B. surface                           C. submarine           D. current

2. A. ocean                  B. undersea                         C. beneath                D. deep

3. A. poor                     B. tour                                  C. actual                   D. group

4. A. tiny                      B. device                              C. krill                      D. migrate

5. A. think                    B. depth                               C. further                 D. breath

Choose the word whose main stress is placed differently from the others.

6. A. maintain               B. marine                           C. challenge            D. device      

7. A. investigate           B. information                  C. submarine           D. independent

8. A. organism              B. environment                  C. temperature         D. satellite

9. A. carnivore              B. entrapment                    C. technology          D. Atlantic

10. A. secret                  B. ocean                             C. migrate                 D. herbicide  

Choose the word or phrase that could best explain the underlined word or phrase.

11. If modern technology did not exist, we would never have such precious information.

       A. valuable               B. precise                   C. confidential          D. detailed

12. Some marine animals are dangerous to humans.

       A. living in the mountain                            B. living in the ocean

       C. living in the forest                                  D. living in the house

13. The floor was covered in tiny pieces of paper.

      A. unimportant         B. many                     C. very large                D. extremely small

14. Sperm whales and sharks are carnivores.

       A. animals that live in the sea                    B. animals that only eat plants

       C. fish that aren’t born from eggs               D. animals that eat meat

15. We enjoyed the warm water of the Gulf of Thailand.

       A. a small sea                                    B. a large area of sea that is partly surrounded by land

       C. a part of the sea enclosed by a wide curve of the shore

       D. a large area of water surrounded by land

16. We had an accidental meeting with an old friend at the party last night.

       A. unpleasant           B. unexpected          C. unlucky                 D. unacceptable

17. Whales feed on krill.

       A. tiny shellfish        B. small fish               C. sea plants             D. small animals

18. ___________ is the variety of different types of plant and animal life in a par­ticular region.

       A. Interaction            B. Herbicide              C. Environment       D. Bio-diversity

19. There is a large ___________ of animals that live in Nairobi National Park.

       A. vary                       B. various                   C. varied                   D. variety

20. Sperm whale population is at risk due to hunting.

       A. in extinction         B. in danger               C. on the decrease    D. in fewness

Choose the best option

21. You’ve been coughing a lot lately. You___________ smoke so much.

A. shouldn’t               B. can’t                   C. should                      D. can

22.  What would Tom do if he ___________ the truth?

       A. would know        B. has know                 C. knows                    D. knew

23. If I ___________ you, I wouldn’t buy that coat.

           A. am                         B. was                           C. were                       D. would be

24. You___________ Mark. You know it’s a secret.

       A. should tell           B. shouldn’t tell          C. couldn’t tell           D. might tell

25. If Lien ___________ a raincoat, she wouldn’t get a cold.

       A. wears                    B. wore                          C. has worn               D. had worn

26. I’m not an astronaut. If I___________ an astronaut, I ___________ my camera with me on the rocket ship.

       A. am/ will take                                          B. were/ would take

       C. were/ had taken                                     D. were/ would have taken

27. If I ___________ in your position, I would not accept her offer.

       A. am                         B. were                         C. would be                D. had been

28.  Tom really___________ go out. He has too much homework to do.

       A. can’t                      B. shouldn’t                 C. would                     D. should

29. What would you do if you___________ a million dollars?

A. win                        B. won                          C. had won                    d. will win

30. If you exercised more, you ___________ feel better.

       A. don’t                    B. didn’t                        C. will                        D. would

Choose the underlined part that needs correction.

31. Dennis used to smoking a lot a year ago.

            A        B            C                       D

32. The houses have been decorate very beautifully.

              A               B            C                     D

33. Both you or I have to help weak students of our class.

                        A      B                 C                  D 

34. If I pass this exam, I would go to the university next September.

       A      B                              C                                  D

35. My car, that have owned for five years, is a Ford.

                    A             B         C                           D

36. He left her house in a hurry without to say goodbye to us.

             A                        B                         C                     D

37. If I had money, I will buy car.

       A              B         C          D

38. Would you mind lend me your bike until next week?

          A                       B                          C          D

39. The match was cancelled due to the weather was bad.

                           A                      B                C            D

40. Unless we worked harder, we would finish on time.

                   A       B                            C                D

Choose the correct option a, b, c or d to complete this, passage.

Dolphins are known as marine (41) ______they breathe air, they are warm-blood, and they bear live young ones called (42) ______

 The size of dolphin is very greatly. (43)______ smallest dolphins are just about 50 kg in weight and 1.2 meters in length (44) ______the largest one can weigh up to 8.200 kg and is 10 meters long.

Dolphins are sociable creatures. They swim together in group known as (45) ______They show great ability in the water. Dolphins are interested (46) ______humans and often rescue people in the sea (47) ______are in danger. They are intelligent creatures and make sounds to (48)_____ with each other. Scientists have studied dolphins (49) _____many years and are now looking into the possibility of dolphins that are able to carry (50) _____ tasks under the sea.

41. A. fish                       B. creatures                 C. mammals             D. life

42. A. babies                   B. calves                      C. young                   D. diets  

43. A. A                           B. An                            C. The                       D. And

44. A. when                     B. as                              C. while                    D. since

45. A. currents                B. flocks                      C. herds                    D. teams

46. A. in                           B. at                              C. on                          D. of

47. A. which                   B. whose                      C. when                     D. who

48. A. talk                       B. communicate          C. contact                 D. connect

49. A. in                           B. since                        C. for                         D. during

50. A. out                        B. in                              C. of                          D. with


1. B     2.A      3.D      4.C      5.C      6.C      7.A      8.B      9.A      10. C

11.A    12.B    13.D    14.D    15.B    16.B    17.A    18.D    19.D    20. B

21. A   22.D    23.C    24.B    25.B    26.B    27.B    28.B    29.B    30. D

31. C   32.C    33.A    34.C    35.A    36.C    37.C    38.B    39.B    40. C

41. C   42.B    43.C    44.C    45.C    46.A    47.D    48.B    49.C    50. A

5. Đề số 5

Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from that of the others.

1. A. probably              B. valuable                C. bomb                     D. baby

2. A. campfire              B. part                        C. animal                   D. natural

3. A. species                 B. destruction           C. constant                D. sickness

Choose the word that has the main stress placed differently from the others.  

4. A. endanger              B. disappear              C. prohibit                 D. destruction

5. A. industrial             B. environment         C. agriculture            D. responsible

6. A. introduce             B. peacefully            C. consequence        D. influence

Choose A, B, C or D that best completes each unfinished sentence or substitutes the underlined part: 

        7. Many organizations have been set up and funds have been raised.

 A. established          B.  collapsed             C. delayed                 D. decreased

        8. Laws have been introduced to prohibit the killing of endangered animals.

A. advised                 B. decreased             C. ban                        D. encouraged

        9. The……..is the air, water land in or on which people animals and plants live.

A. consequence       B. environment         C. planet                    D. resource

       10. Many national parks have been established……………endangered animals.

A. to save                  B. to kill                     C. to protect              D. to ban

       11. Many rare…….. of animals are in danger of extinction.

A.  species                 B. classes                   C. being                     D. pairs

       12. People are destroying the air by adding…….to it

A. polluted                B. pollutions             C. polluters                D. pollutants

    13. Rain forest are  places…… people harvest wood, delicious fruits, and powerful medicine.

A. in which               B. in that                    C. in where               D. which

       14. The heavy rain has caused ………..  in many parts of the country.

A. crops                     B. floods                    C. water                     D. soil

      15.The authority gathered those villagers………….they explained the importance of forests .

A. who                            B. whom                    C. to whom               D. to that

      16. He …….. the details of his uncle’s will.

            A. was given             B. gave                       C. gives                      D. being given

  1.  For a long time, the earth ………. to be flat.

A. had believed        B. had been believing          C. was believed        D. was been believed

  1. 6. Sperm whale populations are at risk due to hunting.

A. in extinction         B. in danger                       C. on the decrease        D. in fewness

  1.  They advised that part-time workers should ………….

     A. be employing                                                    B. have been employ

     C. employ                                                               D. be employed

20. He expected us ……….. him a job.

     A. offering                      B. to offer                           C. offer                 D. to be offered

21. More and more rare animals are………………danger of extinction.

     A. for                         B. on                                 C. at                              D. in

22. Deforestation is destroying large areas of tropical rain forest.

     A. changing               B. raising                          C. becoming                D. damaging 

23. Do you know exactly………………..number of Siberian tigers in China ?

     A. a                            B. an                                 C .the                        D. no article needed

24. Linda: Excuse me. Where’s the post office?

      Maria: ……………….

    A. It’s over there.       B. I’m afraid not.     C. Don’t worry.                    D. Yes, I think so. 

25. Peter: How often do you go to school?

      Harry: ………………..

    A. I go there early.                                         B. Every day except Sunday.

    C. I don’t think so.                                         D. I go there by bus.

     26.  A:  “ Would you like to go to the movies tonight ?” 

        –   B:  “…………………..”

A. No I don’t like       B. Yes I’d like                C. Of course                  D. I’d love to

     27. Human beings are changing the environment …………. all respects.

           A. at                           B. for                               C. in                             D. upon

     28. The sick man ……………… to the hospital.

           A. took                    B. has taken                        C. being taken             D. was taken

     29. A: Why do you ask me about the party ?

            B: I ……………. to it.

A. was not invited                 B. didn’t invite     C. not invited      D. was not been inviting

     30. The people in our village are leading a …………..life.

           A. peace                     B. peaceful                      C. peacefully               D. peacefulness   

Choose the correct sentences which has the same meaning as the given one

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