Lớp 9

Bài tập tổng hợp các thì trong Tiếng Anh có đáp án

Ôn Thi HSG xin giới thiệu đến các em Bài tập tổng hợp các thì trong Tiếng Anh có đáp án nhằm giúp các em luyện tập thật tốt để chuẩn bị cho kì thi học kì 2 sắp tới. Hi vọng đây sẽ là tài liệu tham khảo hữu ích trong quá trình học tập của các em. Mời các em cùng tham khảo nhé!


Exercise 1. Bài tập thì hiện tại đơn – Điền dạng đúng của từ trong ngoặc

1. She always ______delicious meals. (make)

2. Tome______eggs. (not eat)

3. They______(do) the homework on Sunday.

4. He ______ a new T-shirt today. (buy)

5. My mom ______ shopping every week. (go)

6. ______Duong and Hoa ______ to work by bus every day? (go)

7. _____ your parents ______with your decision? (agree)

8. My sister ______ her hair every day (wash)

9. Police ______ robbers (catch)

Exercise 2. Bài tập thì hiện tại tiếp diễn – Viết câu dưới đây ở thì HTTD.

1. My/ dad/ water/ some plants/ the/ garden.


2. My/ mom/ clean/ floor/.


3. Mary/ have/ lunch/ her/ friends/ a/ restaurant.


4. They/ ask/ a/ man/ about/ the/ way/ the/ railway/ station.


5. My/ student/ draw/ a/ beautiful/ picture


Exercise 3. Bài tập thì hiện tại hoàn thành – Chia động từ trong ngoặc. 

1. They ______a new lamp. (buy)

2. We ______our holiday yet. (not/ plan)

3. He just ______ out for 2 hours (go)

4. I ______ my plan (not/finish)

5. ______ you ______ this lesson yet? ( learn)

EXERCISE 4: Use the correct form of verbs in brackets.

1. In all the world, there (be) __________ only 14 mountains that (reach) __________above 8,000 meters.

2. He sometimes (come) __________ to see his parents.

3. When I (come) __________, she (leave) __________for Dalat ten minutes ago.

4. My grandfather never (fly) __________ in an airplane, and he has no intention of ever doing so.

5. We just (decide) __________ that we (undertake) ____________ the job.

6. He told me that he (take) __________ a trip to California the following week.

7. I knew that this road (be) __________ too narrow.

8. Right now I (attend) __________ class. Yesterday at this time I (attend) __________class.

9. Tomorrow I’m going to leave for home. When I (arrive) __________at the airport, Mary (wait) __________ for me.

10. Margaret was born in 1950. By last year, she (live) __________on this earth for 55 years .

11. The traffic was very heavy. By the time I (get) __________to Mary’s party, everyone already (arrive) __________

12. I will graduate in June. I (see) __________ you in July. By the time I (see) __________ you , I (graduate) __________.

13. I (visit) __________ my uncle’s home regularly when I (be) __________ a child.

14. That book (be) __________ on the table for weeks. You (not read) __________ it yet ?

15. David (wash) __________ his hands. He just (repair) __________ the TV set.

16. You (be) __________here before? Yes, I (spend) __________ my holidays here last year.

17. We never (meet) __________ him. We don’t know what he (look) __________ like.

18. The car (be) __________ ready for him by the time he (come) __________tomorrow.

19. On arriving at home I (find) __________that she just (leave) __________a few minutes before.

20. When we (arrive) __________ in London tonight, it probably (rain) __________.

21. It (rain) __________ hard. We can’t do anything until it (stop) __________

22. Last night we (watch) __________TV when the power (fail) __________.

23. That evening we (stay) __________up to talk about the town where he (live) __________for some years.

24. I (sit) __________down for a rest while the shoes (repair) __________.

25. Half way to the office Paul (turn) __________round and (go) __________back home because he (forget) __________to turn the gas off.

26. London (change) __________a lot since we first (come) __________ to live here.

27. While we (talk) __________on the phone the children (start) __________fighting and (break) __________a window

28. He used to talk to us for hours about all the interesting things he (do) __________ in his life.

29. You know she (stand) __________looking at that picture for the last twenty minutes.

30. I (spend) __________ a lot of time travelling since I (get) __________this new job.

31. When we (be) __________ at school we all (study) __________Latin.

32. When I (meet) __________ him , he (work) __________as a waiter for a year.

33. After he (finish) __________ breakfast he (sit) __________down to write some letters.

34. She (have) __________a hard life, but she’s always smiling.

35. I think Jim (be) __________ out of town.

EXERCISE 5: Choose the best answer among A, B, C, or D.

1. When I last saw him, he _____ in London.

A. has lived

B. is living

C. was living

D. has been living

2. We _______ Dorothy since last Saturday.

A. don’t see

B. haven’t seen

C. didn’t see

D. hadn’t seen

3. The train ______ half an hour ago.

A. has been leaving

B. left

C. has left

D. had left

4. Jack ______ the door.

A. has just painted

B. paint

C. will have painted

D. painting

5. My sister ________ for you since yesterday.

A. is looking

B. was looking

C. has been looking

D. looked

6. I ______ Texas State University now.

A. am attending

B. attend

C. was attending

D. attended

7. He has been selling motorbikes ________.

A. ten years ago

B. since ten years

C. for ten years ago

D. for ten years

8. Christopher Columbus _______ American more than 500 years ago.

A. discovered

B. has discovered

C. had discovered

D. had been discovering

9. He fell down when he ______ towards the church.

A. run

B. runs

C. was running

D. had run

10. We _______ there when our father died.

A. still lived

B. lived still

C. was still lived

D. was still living

11. They ______ table tennis when their father comes back home.

A. will play

B. will be playing

C. play

D. would play

12. By Christmas, I _______ for Mr. Smith for six years.

A. will have been working

B. will work

C. have been working

D. will be working

13. I _______ in the room right now

A. am being

B. was being

C. have been being

D. am

14. I ______ to New York three times this year.

A. have been

B. was

C. were

D. had been

15. I’ll come and see you before I _______ for the States.

A. leave

B. will leave

C. have left

D. shall leave

16. The little girl asked what _______ to her friend.

A. has happened

B. happened

C. had happened

D. would have been happened

17. John ______ a book when I saw him.

A. is reading

B. read

C. was reading

D. reading

18. He said he _______ return later.

A. will

B. would

C. can

D. would be

19. Jack ________ the door.

A. has just opened

B. open

C. have opened

D. opening

20. I have been waiting for you ______ .

A. since early morning

B. since 9 a.m

C. for two hours

D. All are correct

21. Almost everyone _______ for home by the time we arrived.

A. leave

B. left

C. leaves

D. had left

22. By the age of 25, he ______ two famous novels.

A. wrote

B. writes

C. has written

D. had written

23. When her husband was in the army, Mary ______ to him twice a week

A. was reading

B. wrote

C. was written

D. had written

24. I couldn’t cut the grass because the lawn mower ______ a few days previously.

A. broke down

B. has been broken

C. had broken down

D. breaks down

25. I have never played badminton before. This is the first time I _____ to play.

A. try

B. tried

C. have tried

D. am trying

26. Since _______, I have heard nothing from him.

A. he had left

B. he left

C. he has left

D. he was left

27. After I _______ lunch, I looked for my bag.

A. had

B. had had

C. have has

D. have had

28. By the end of next year, George _______ English for two years.

A. will have learned

B. will learn

C. has learned

D. would learn

29. The man got out of the car, ________ round to the back and opened the book.

A. walking

B. walked

C. walks

D. walk

30. Henry _______ into the restaurant when the writer was having dinner.

A. was going

B. went

C. has gone

D. did go

31. He will take the dog out for a walk as soon as he ______ dinner.

A. finish

B. finishes

C. will finish

D. finishing

32. I will be glad if he _______ with us.

A. had gone

B. did go

C. went

D. goes

33 Ask her to come and see me when she _______ her work.

A. finish

B. has finished

C. finished

D. finishing

34. Turn off the gas. Don’t you see that the kettle ________ ?

A. boil

B. boils

C. is boiling

D. boiled

35. Tom and Mary ______ for Vietnam tomorrow.

A. leave

B. are leaving

C. leaving

D. are left

36. He always ________ for a walk in the evening.

A. go

B. is going

C. goes

D. going

37. Her brother ______ in Canada at present.

A. working

B. works

C. is working

D. work

38. I ______ to the same barber since last year.

A. am going

B. have been going

C. go

D. had gone

39. Her father ______ when she was a small girl.

A. dies

B. died

C. has died

D. had died

40. Last week, my professor promised that he ________ today.

A. would come

B. will come

C. comes

D. coming


Exercise 1. Bài tập thì hiện tại đơn – Điền dạng đúng của từ trong ngoặc

1 – Makes; 2 – Does not eat; 3 – Don’t; 4 – Buys; 5 – Goes

6 – Do – go; 7 – Do – agree; 8 – Washes; 9 – Catch;

Exercise 2. Bài tập thì hiện tại tiếp diễn – Viết câu dưới đây ở thì HTTD.

1 – My dad is watering some plants in the garden.

2 – My mom is cleaning the floor.

3 – Mary is having lunch with her friends in a restaurant.

4 – They are asking a man about the way to the railway station.

5 – My student is drawing a (very) beautiful picture.

Exercise 3.Bài tập thì hiện tại hoàn thành – Chia động từ trong ngoặc.

1 – Have bought

2 – Haven’t planned

3 – Has gone

4 – Haven’t finished

5 – Have – learned

Exercise 4:

1. are – reach; 2. comes; 3. came – had left; 4. has never flown;

5. have just decided -would undertake; 6. would take; 7. was ;

8. am attending – was attending; 9. arrive -will be waitin;g 10. had lived;

11. got- had already arrived; 12. will see – see – will have graduated;

13. visited -was; 14. has been – haven’t you read; 15. is washing – has just repaired;

16. Have you been – spent; 17. have never met – looks; 18. will have been- comes;

19. found – had just lef;t 20. arrive – will probably be raining; 21. is raining – stops;

22. were watching – failed ; 23. stayed – had lived; 24. sat – were being repaired;

25. turned – went – had forgotten; 26. has changed – came;

27. were talking – started – broke; 28. had done 29. has been standing;

30. have spent – got; 31. were – studied; 32. met – had been working;

33. had finished – sat; 34. has; 35. has been;

Exercise 5:

1. C

2. B

3. B

4. A

5. C

6. A

7. D

8. A

9. C

10. A

11. B

12. A

13. D

14. A

15. A

16. C

17. C

18. B

19. A

20. D

21. D

22. D

23. B

24. C

25. C

26. B

27. B

28. A

29. B

30. B

31. B

32. D

33. B

34. C

35. B

36. C

37. C

38. B

39. B

40. A

Exercise 6:

1. D. was cooking -> cooked

2. C. catching -> caught

3. D. buys -> bought

4. C. is looking -> was looking

5. B. was sat -> sat

6. D. delete -> deleted

7. C. so do -> so are

8. A. has told -> told

9. C. stop -> stopped

10. D. since -> for

11. A. have seen -> saw

12. C. listen -> listened

13. B. change -> changed

14. D. is still -> was still

15. A. I’m shopping -> was shopping

16. C. is having -> was having

17. C. are -> have been

18. B. are believing -> believe

19. B. had been -> has been

20. C. waking -> wakes

21. D. drives -> was driving

22. D. will certainly complete -> will have certainly completed

23. D. buys -> bought

24. A. We’ll be cycled -> We’ll be cycling

25. D. won’t come -> don’t come

26. A. was knocking -> knocked

27. A. didn’t drink -> hasn’t drunk

28. C. when -> since

29. B. gone -> going

30. A. Did -> Will

Exercise 7:

1. D; 2. B; 3. D; 4. B; 5. D; 6. A; 7. A; 8. C; 9. A; 10. A;

Exercise 8.

1 – slept; 2 – bought – am going to; 3 – is attending; 4 – has not practised; 5 – starts;

6 – brush; 7 – have studied; 8 – came; 9 – have been doing; 10 – am;

11 – has been waiting; 12 – called; 13 – was; 14 – am talking; 15 – were;

16 – rises; 17 – met; 18 – take place; 19 – was playing; 20 – was cooking; 

21 – are playing; 22 – saw;

Trên đây là một phần trích đoạn nội dung của tài liệu Bài tập tổng hợp các thì trong Tiếng Anh có đáp án, để theo dõi nhiều tài liệu tham khảo hữu ích khác vui lòng đăng nhập vào hệ thống hoc247.net chọn chức năng xem online hoặc tải về máy!

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