Lớp 7

Bộ 5 đề thi giữa HK1 môn Tiếng Anh 7 có đáp án năm 2021-2022 Trường THCS Thanh Đa

Dưới đây là Bộ 5 đề thi giữa HK1 môn Tiếng Anh 7 có đáp án năm 2021-2022 Trường THCS Thanh Đa. Tài liệu được biên soạn nhằm giới thiệu đến các em các đề khác nhau để các em luyện tập và ôn tập kiến thức đã học, chuẩn bị cho kì thi giữa học kì 1 sắp đến. Mời các em cùng tham khảo!



1. Đề số 1

I. Listen and fill in the blanks with the correct words.

I am a student. So I spend the day in a (1) _________ way. I get up from bed (2) _________ in the morning. First, I do my morning (3) _________ I wash my face and (4) _________ my teeth. I take great care of my teeth, because bad teeth are a sign of bad (5) _________. Then I take a little (6) _________ exercise. After taking exercise, I go out for a walk in the open (7) _________. There I breathe (8) _________ morning air. My mind and body are both (9) _________ . Then I return home. I say my short (10) _________.

II. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently.

Question 11.

A. come

B. money

C. notebook

D. Monday

Question 12.

A. couple

B. though

C. soul

D. elbow

Question 13.

A. seven

B. vowel

C. very

D. foot

III. Choose the odd one out.

Question 14.

A. friend

B. parent

C. uncle

D. aunt

Question 15.

A. small

B. big

C. old

D. meet

Question 16.

A. school

B. classmate

C. theater

D. market

IV. Choose A, B, C or D that best completes the sentences or substitutes for the underlined word or phrase.

Question 17. Do volunteers often spend time helping other people in ___________, orphanages or homes for the aged.

A. capitals

B. markets

C. schools

D. hospitals

Question 18. we are helping the poor people in the remote areas.

A. faraway

B. nearby

C. small

D. difficult

Question 19. During summer vacations, we teach children in ___________ areas how to read and write.

A. mountain

B. urban

C. mountainous

D. suburb

Question 20. What kind of ___________ work are you participating in?

A. voluntarily

B. volunteer

C. voluntary

D. volunteerism

Question 21. People who are not in good health are ___________ people.

A. elderly

B. homeless

C. rich

D. sick

Question 22. I was absent ___________ class yesterday.

A. in

B. of

C. from

D. at

Question 23. He was delighted ___________ the present you gave him.

A. in

B. to

C. for

D. with

Question 24. It is very kind ___________ you to help them.

A. of

B. in

C. about

D. to

Question 25. It is difficult ___________ handicapped children to study with other children.

A. to

B. for

C. on

D. from

Question 26. I’m very grateful ___________ her for her help.

A. on

B. of

C. about

D. to

V. Read the text and choose the correct answer A, B, C, or D for each of the gaps.


Have you ever wanted to do something different? Five years ago, Will Slade read about (27) ______ organization called Earthwatch. Earthwatch finds volunteers (28) ______ expeditions (29) ______ and explore different parts of the world.

Will decided (30) ______ an expedition to study elephants in Africa. “I wasn’t sure about it before I went.” say Will. “But in fact, I really enjoyed every minute of the expedition. We slept (31) ______ tents and we cooked our own food, but it was the great (32) ______ elephants and all the other animals there”. “I’ve (33) ______ all the expeditions, and I have seen some fantastic places. How (34) ______ people have slept (35) ______ a beach, climbed a mountain, or see a whale? This world is such a beautiful place, but it’s disappearing fast. We have to learn more (36) ______ it if we are going to save it.”

Question 27.

A. a

B. the

C. an

D. some

Question 28.

A. to

B. for

C. at

D. on

Question 29.

A. studying

B. studied

C. study

D. to study

Question 30.

A. to join

B. join

C. joining

D. joined

Question 31.

A. on

B. in

C. at

D. under

Question 32.

A. see

B. saw

C. seeing

D. to see

Question 33.

A. enjoyed

B. enjoy

C. enjoying

D. to enjoy

Question 34.

A. much

B. far

C. many

D. long

Question 35.

A. in

B. on

C. to

D. above

Question 36.

A. at

B. in

C. of

D. about

VI. Choose the best sentence that can be made from the cues given.

Question 37. I / not / visited / museum / three months.

A. I haven’t visited the museum three months ago.

B. I haven’t visited the museum for three months.

C. I didn’t visited the museum for three months.

D. I haven’t visited the museum three months ago.

Question 38. Ms Linda / beautiful photos / few days ago.

A. Ms Linda took many beautiful photos a few days ago.

B. Ms Linda took much beautiful photos a few days ago.

C. Ms Linda took many beautiful photos few days ago.

D. Ms Linda took much beautiful photos few days ago.

Question 39. The students / arrived / because / traffic jam.

A. The students arrived late because the traffic jam.

B. The students arrived late because of the traffic jam.

C. The students arrived lately because the traffic jam.

D. The students arrived lately because of the traffic jam.

Question 40. I / eat / fruits / because / they / green.

A. I can’t eat these fruits because of they are green.

B. I can’t eat this fruits because of they are green.

C. I can’t eat these fruits because they are green.

D. I can’t eat this fruits because they are green.


Question 1. simple

Question 2. early

Question 3. duties

Question 4. brush

Question 5. health

Question 6. physical

Question 7. field

Question 8. pure

Question 9. refreshed

Question 10. prayer

Question 11. C

Question 26. D

Question 12. A

Question 27. C

Question 13. D

Question 28. B

Question 14. A

Question 29. D

Question 15. D

Question 30. A

Question 16. B

Question 31. B

Question 17. D

Question 32. D

Question 18. A

Question 33. A

Question 19. C

Question 34. C

Question 20. C

Question 35. B

Question 21. D

Question 36. D

Question 22. C

Question 37. B

Question 23. D

Question 38. A

Question 24. A

Question 39. B

Question 25. B

Question 40. C

2. Đề số 2


A. Choose the word which underline part is pronounced differently from the others.

1. a. house    b. happy              c. hour       d. how

2. a. recess    b. celebration      c. relax       d. rehearse

II. Choose the best answer (3pts)

1. In_________, we study different countries and our people.

a. math 

b. music 

c. chemistry 

d. geography

2. I have five periods______ Friday.

a. at 

b. in 

c. on 

d. to

3. Talking is________ common way of relaxing.

a. more 

b. most 

c. the most 

d. the more

4. Let’s________ to the movie.

a. go to 

b. go 

c. going 

d. is going

5. My brother is good________English.

a. at 

b. with 

c. on 

d. very

6. The Mekong River is the________ river in Viet Nam.

a. long 

b. longer 

c. most long 

d. longest

7. Would you like________ a cold drink?

a. get 

b. to get 

c. getting 

d. gets

8. ________do your classes start ? – At seven o’clock.

a. How often 

b. What 

c. What time 

d. Which

9. That’s a___________. Why don’t we travel by bus?

a. thinking 

b. answer 

c. good idea 

d. question

10. Students have two_______ each day.

a. 20-minutes break 

b. 20-minute breaks

c. 20-minute break 

d. 20-minutes breaks

11. His ideas are quite________ from my ideas.

a. same 

b. different 

c. like 

d. as

12. After break, everyone goes_________ and classes start again.

a. indoor 

b. indoors 

c. outdoor 

d. outdoors

III. Supply the correct form of the words. (0.5m)

1. The most popular_______ at recess is talking. ( act)

2. History is an________ subject. (interest)

IV. Put the passage with the words given in the box (1.5pts)

(lasts/ uniform/ Vietnamese/ two/ recess/ some)

School in Viet Nam are different from school in the USA. (1) ……….……… students always wear school (2)…………………. There are no lessons on Sunday. Classes start at 7 o’clock each morning and end at 11.30 . Students have (3)………………….. breaks each morning. At (4)…………..……, students often go to the canteen and buy (5)….……………..things to eat or drink. Our school year (6)………………. for ten months from August to May.

V. Read the passage , then answer the questions. (1.5pts)

Lan’s classes all start at 8:00 a.m, so she gets up at 7:00. She eats a quick breakfast and takes the bus to her school. In the afternoon, she has a job at the library. She usually studies in the evening. She works at the library on Saturdays, too.

She usually stays up late every evening. She usually goes to bed at 11:30 and on Sundays she sleeps until noon.


1. How does she go to school?

2. Where does she work?

3. How many days a week does she work?

4. Does she go to bed early?

5. Why does she stay up late?

VI. Rewrite the sentences. (2pts)

1. Should we go to the movie?

Let’s ……………………………………………………………..……….

2. Mr John is going to visit his grandparents tonight.

Mr John will …………………………………………………………………

3. We have a break that lasts thirty minutes.

We have a ……………………………………………………………

4. I like English best of all the subjects.

English ………………………

VII. Complete the sentences. (0.5pt)

1. Let’s/ go/ cafeteria/ and/ get/ cold drink.


2. Marry/ learn/ play/ piano/ every afternoon.




1. C              2. B


1. d        2. c       3. c       4. b       5. a       6. d

7. b        8. c       9. c      10. b      11. b     12. b


1. action

2. interesting


1. Vietnamese

2. uniform

3. two

4. recess

5. some

6. lasts


1. She goes to school by bus

2. She works at the library.

3. She works three days a week.

4. No,she doesn’t

5. Because of her homework.


1. Let’s go to the movie.

2. Mr. John will visit his grandparents tonight.

3. We have a thirty-minute break.

4. English is the subject I like best.

Hoặc: English is my favorite subject.


1. Let’s go to the cafeteria and get a cold drink.

2. Marry learns how to play the piano every afternoon.

3. Đề số 3

I. Listen and fill in each blank with the one correct word 

Along with jogging and swimming, (1) ____________ is one of the best all-round forms of exercise. It can help to increase your strength and (2) ____________, giving you more efficient (3) ____________ and a stronger heart. However, increasing your strength is not the only (4) ____________ of cycling. Because you are not carrying the (5) ____________ of your body on your feet, it is a good form of exercise for people with (6) ____________ feet or backs. However, with all forms of (7) ____________, it is important to start slowly and (8) ____________ up gently. Doing too much to quickly can (9) ____________ muscles that are not used to working. I deally, you should be cycling at least two or three (10) ____________ a week.

II. Choose the odd one out.II. Choose the odd one out.

Question 11.

A. February

B. Saturday

C. December

D. June

 Question 12.

A. nervous

B. worried

C. happy

D. moment

 Question 13.

A. chicken

B. vegetables

C. beef

D. dinner

 Question 14.

A. carrot

B. pea

C. chopstick

D. cucumber

 Question 15.

A. durian

B. plate

C. bowl

D. bottle

III. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently.erently.

Question 16..

A. rehearse

B. hour

C. household

D. horrible

Question 17. 

A. name

B. happy

C. date

D. late

Question 18. 

A. great

B. teacher

C. repeat

D. means

Question 19. 

A. wet

B. better

C. rest

D. pretty

Question 20. 

A. sky

B. lovely

C. party

D. empty

IV. Choose the correct answers to complete the following sentences.IV..

Question 21. He has plenty of homework ________ tonight.

A. to do                       B. do                              C. doing                    D. will do

Question 22. Hoa ________ the busy city traffic now.

A. used to                    B. uses to                      C. gets used to          D. gets use to

Question 23. On the table, there are vegetables, bread and two large ________.

A. bowl of soup           B. bowls of soup          C. bowl of soups       D. bowls of soups

Question 24. I hope the ________ can repair our car quickly.

A. mechanic                B. reporter                 C. nurse                       D. journalist

Question 25. What kind of ________ do you like? – I like cartoons.

A. book                       B. pictures                  C. flowers                    D. films

V. Reorder the words and phrases to make correct centences.Reorderhentences.

Question 26. to work / by bus / Mrs Hoang / every day. / goes

⟹ ____________________________

Question 27. new house / How / is / his old / from / different / one? / Minh’s

⟹ ___________________________

Question 28. misses / because / Nguyet / she / is / her parents. / unhappy

⟹ ___________________________

Question 29. Does / in / a lot of / have / her town?/ Nhung / friends

⟹ ____________________________

Question 30. and / It’s / going to / we are / for lunch. / the room / twelve o’clock

⟹ _____________________________

VI. Choose the correct answers to complete the paragraph.VI.e 

Ann lives in London. She is twenty-nine and works for the BBC. She interviews people on an early morning new program called The World Today. Every weekday she gets up at 3.00 in the morning because the program starts at 6.30. She loves (31) ________ work because it is exciting and she meets a lot of very interesting people, but she loves her weekends, (32) ________.

On Friday she comes home from the BBC at abour 2.00 in the afternoon and she just (33) ________. On Friday evenings she (34) ________ out, but sometimes a friend comes or dinner. He or she brings wine and they cook. Ann loves cooking. They (35) ________ music or just chat.

On Saturday mornings she gets up at 9.00 and she goes (36) ________ . Then in the evenings she sometimes goes to the theatre or the opera (37)_________ a friend-she loves opera. Then they eat in her favourite Chinese restaurant. On Sunday morning she stays in bed late. She doesn’t get up (38) ________ 11.00. Sometimes in the afternoon she visits her sister. She lives in the countryside and has two (39) ________. She likes playing with her niece and nephew, but she leaves early (40) ________ she goes to bed at 8.00 on Sunday evenings.

Question 31. A. her                    B. she’s                     C. hers                 D. and

Question 32. A. so                      B. too                        C. either               D. and

Question 33. A. relax                  B. relaxs                   C. relaxes             D. relaxing

Question 34. A. not goes            B. isn’t go                  C. don’t go           D. doesn’t go

Question 35. A. listen                 B. hear                      C. listen to            D. hear to

Question 36. A. shop                  B. to shop                 C. shopping         D. shops

Question 37. A. to                       B. for                         C. of                    D. with

Question 38. A. until                   B. to                          C. from                D. on

Question 39. A. child                  B. childs                    C. children           D. childrens

Question 40. A. and                   B. Because                C. Or                   D. but


Question 1. cycling

Question 2. energy

Question 3. muscles

Question 4. advantage

Question 5. weight

Question 6. painful

Question 7. exercises

Question 8. build

Question 9. damage

Question 10. times

Question 11: 


Question 26: 


Question 12: 


Question 27:


Question 13: 


Question 28:


Question 14: 


Question 29:


Question 15:


Question 30:


Question 16:


Question 31:


Question 17:


Question 32:


Question 18:


Question 33:


Question 19:


Question 34:


Question 20:


Question 35:


Question 21:


Question 36:


Question 22:


Question 37:


Question 23:


Question 38:


Question 24:


Question 39:


Question 25:


Question 40:


Question 26. Mrs Hoang goes to work by bus everyday.

Question 27. How is Minh’s new house different from his old one?

Question 28. Nguyet is unhappy because she misses her parents.

Question 29. Does Nhung have a lot of friends in her town?

Question 30. It’s twelve o’clock and we are going to the room for lunch.

4. Đề số 4

I. Listen to the following weather forecast and decide whether the following statements are true (T) or false (F).




Question 1. Tonight will be cold.

Question 2. It will rain a little bit in the North.

Question 3. The night will be windy.

Question 4. Tomorrow will be rainy.

Question 5. The maximum temperature tomorrow will be 20 degrees.

Question 6. The evening will be cooler.

Question 7. The temperature in the evening will be 5 degrees.

Question 8. It is a good evening for a barbecue.


II. Circle the word that is pronounced differently from the others in a row.

Question 9.

A. machine

B. sure

C. sugar

D. pleasure

Question 10.

A. performance

B. photography

C. originate

D. cultural

Question 11.

A. measure

B. composer

C. version

D. leisure

Question 12.

A. prefer

B. perform

C. painter

D. concert

Question 13.

A. delicious

B. special

C. musical

D. physician

III. Circle the best option (A,B,C and D) to complete the sentences.

Question 14. For lunch, I think we should buy _______eggs to make omelette.

A. half a dozen of           B. half a dozen           C. half of dozen             D. dozen

Question 15. My mother usually says, “try today, ______ you will be repentant in the future.”

A. and                             B. but                         C. or                               D. however

Question 16. His daughter always wants to become a well-known________, but she is not good at acting at all. However, he always encourages her to try as much as possible.

A. actress                       B. acting                     C. Actor                         D. action

Question 17. Everyone in the room enjoyed that candidate’s performance so much that they________for five minutes.

A. applauded                  B. screamed                C. Smiled                      D. raised

Question 18. My friends enjoy _______ the English Speaking club held every Sunday night by Youth Pioneers Club.

A. to take part in            B. taking part in          C. take part in               D. to taking part in

Question 19. _________ she is really intelligent, she never has good grades at Maths.

A. Because                    B. However                 C. Although                  D. So

Question 20. I like reading about people’s cultures all over the world because each nation’s culture is very different ________that of another. Not any cultures are the same as others.

A. to                            B. as                             C. from                         D. with

Question 21. When he________his homework, he goes to watch his favourite program on VTV1, and then goes to bed.

A. is finishing             B. finished                    C. has finished              D. will finish

Question 22. They find it________to learn English because it helps them to widen their knowledge, have more friends, and know more about the world.

A. hard                     B. easily                          C. interesting                 D. rare

Question 23. A: “Would you like to go shopping with me tonight, John?”

B: “ ______ because there is some homework I haven’t finished yet.”

A. Come on                           B. It’s a piece of cake

C. Let’s me see                     D. It’s not my thing

IV. Put a word from the box in each gap to complete the following passage.

pick / artists’ / crowd / are / along / draw / unless / get

Artists who (24) _________pictures on the pavement with chalk used to be very common sight in London, but there (25) _______only a few left now. Sometimes the pictures are very good. This is proved by the fact that one of the (26) ________favourite tricks is to draw a five-pound note and see a lot of people trying to (27) ______it up. The police usually trick pavement artists kindly and there is nothing in the law against drawing on the pavement (28) _______the artist is so good that he gets a large (29) _______around him and this prevents other people from passing freely (30) _______ the street.

V. Read the passage and decide whether the following statements are true (T) or false (F).

Vietnamese people often have three meals a day – breakfast, lunch and dinner. People in the countryside usually have rice with meat or fish and vegetables for breakfast but people in the cities often have light breakfast with a bowl of Pho or instant noodles or sticky rice before going to work. For lunch, they often have rice, meat, fish and vegetables. People in the countryside often have lunch at home but people in the cities often have lunch at the canteens or at the food stalls. Most people prepare their dinner at home. They eat many kinds of meat, seafood, fish, fresh vegetables and rice. Many people say dinner is the main and the best meal of the day.


Question 31. Vietnamese people often have three meals a day.

Question 32. People in the countryside usually have only rice with meat for breakfast.

Question 33. People in the cities often have big breakfast before going to work.

Question 34. People in the countryside often have lunch at the canteens or at the food stalls.

Question 35. Most people cook their dinner at home.

Question 36. According to some people , dinner is the best meal of the day.

VI. Rearrange the following sentences using these wordcues

Question 36. How/do/ in/ drink/the/ water/ morning/ much/ you/ everyday/?/

⟹ ____________________________

Question 37. It/ keep/ easy/ to get/ flu/ so/ should/ try/ more/ we/ is/ to/ clean.

⟹ ____________________________

Question 38. Beat/together/and/ with/ the eggs/ flour, and milk/ sugars/./

⟹ ____________________________

Question 39. Community/ do/ What/ you/ service/ about/ know/?/

⟹ ____________________________


Question 1


Question 21


Question 2


Question 22


Question 3


Question 23


Question 4


Question 24


Question 5


Question 25


Question 6


Question 26


Question 7


Question 27


Question 8


Question 28


Question 9


Question 29


Question 10


Question 30


Question 11


Question 31


Question 12


Question 32


Question 13


Question 33


Question 14


Question 34


Question 15


Question 35


Question 16


Question 36


Question 17


Question 37


Question 18


Question 38


Question 19


Question 39


Question 20


Question 40


Question 24. draw

Question 25. are

Question 26. artists’

Question 27. pick

Question 28. unless

Question 29. crowd

Question 30. along

Question 37. How much water do you drink in the morning everyday?

Question 38. It is easy to get flu so we should try more to keep clean.

Question 39. Beat the eggs together with sugar and flour, and milk.

Question 40. What do you know about Community service?

5. Đề số 5

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word whose underlined part differs from the other three in pronunciation in each of the following questions.

1: A. occasion

B. television

C. sugar

D. decision

2: A. soft

B. pork

C. bottle

D. coffee

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word that differs from the other three in the position of primary stress in each of the following questions.

3: A. puppet

B. omelette

C. turmeric

D. originate

4: A. compulsory

B. curriculum

C. anthem

D. composer

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.

5: There …………….bottles of mineral water in the fridge.

A. aren’t some                B. are any                  C. are some                   D.is some

6: I haven’t got……………..bread left for breakfast.

A. some                          B. any                        C. a                               D. an

7: I like beef noodle soup and my friends do, ………..

A. too                              B. so                         C. either                       D. neither

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word(s) CLOSEST in meaning to the underlined word(s) in each of the following questions.

8: The themes of the puppet shows are rural.

A. events                B. presented             C. from the city             D. from the countryside

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word(s) OPPOSITE in meaning to the underlined word(s) in each of the following questions.

9: These oranges are so sour that we can’t eat

A. bitter                  B. sweet                  C. salty                            D. spicy

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the underlined part that needs correction in each of the following questions.

10: My mother doesn’t like (A) horror films (B), and my sister (C) doesn’t too (D).

11: How many (A) rice do you need (B)? – Two kilos (C) of (D) rice

12: My shirt is (A) the same size (B) with (C) yours (D).

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct word or phrase that best fits each of the numbers blanks.

People in my village love good food and they often eat three meals a day – breakfast, lunch and dinner. At about seven in the morning, they usually have a light breakfast with (13)……… Pho or eel soup with (14)………… toast. Sometimes they have a bowl of instant noodles or (15)…………… sticky rice before going to work. Lunch often starts at about 11.30, and most of them have lunch at home. They often have rice, fish, meat, and vegetables for lunch. Dinner often starts at about 8.00 in the evening. It is the main meal of the day. People in my city often have rice with a lot of fresh vegetables and a lot of seafood or various kinds of meat. Then, they often have some fruit and (16)…………….. green tea. I think food in my city is wonderful. It is light and full of fresh vegetables. It’s healthy and tasty, too.

13: A. a bottle of              B. a kilo of                  C. a bowl of            D. a piece of

14: A. a bowl of               B. some slices of        C. a bar of               D. a bottle of

15: A. a bottle of             B. a piece of                C. a glass of            D. a plate of

16: A. a glass of              B. a piece of                 C. a kilo of             D. a bowl of

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions.

Charlie Chaplin was an English actor, director, producer, and composer. He is known as the most creative person of the silent –film era. Charlie Chaplin’s portray of the tramp won the hearts of people all over the world.

Chaplin was born in London on the 16th of April, 1889. He spent his childhood in poverty and hardship. In 1910, he began to perform pantomime in the United States. He first appeared on screen in 1914. He created his world -famous character, the Tramp, and he played this classic role in more than 70 films during his career. He also composed background music for most of his films. In 1972 Chaplin received an Honorary Academy Award for the “ the incalculable effect he has had in making motion pictures the art form of this century. Chaplin died on the 25th of December, 1977, at his home in Switzerland

17: What did Charlie Chaplin work as?

A. an actor                 B. a director                C. a composer              D. all are correct

18: When was he born ?

A. the sixteenth of April,1889                     B. April 16th, 1910

C. the 16th of April,1914                            D. December 25th,1977

19: In about how many films did he play the Tramp?

A. seventeen                B. seventy                C. twenty five                    D. sixteen

20: Which of the following is not True

A. He started appearing in films in 1914

B. He was famous for his character “ the tramp”

C. He was a famous artist

D. He died in Switzerland

Use the correct form of verbs

21. ……………you (go)………… out last night?

22. Mai and Phong (not/meet)……………………each other since they moved to Ha Noi.

23. Lan( meet)…………………….her old friend yesterday.

24. We( learn)…………………….English since 2014.

25. My family( visit)……………………Da Lat next summer.

26. She ( live)…………here for 14 years.

Finish each of the following sentences as direction. Write your answers on your answer sheet.

27. Her book is not the same as mine. (different from)

Her book is…………………………………………………………………..

28. My father doesn’t like playing board games. My sister doesn’t playing board games. (EITHER )

My father……………………………………………………

29. Nam is a better painter than Lan.(as………..as)

Lan can’t……………………………………………………………………

30. He was lazy, so he didn’t pass the exam (Combine the sentences, using “Because”)

– …………………………………….

31. year/ provided/ for/ Last/ we/ classes/ evening/ poor children. (Rearrange the words in the correct order)

-> ……………………………………………………………………….

32. The last time I saw him was 10 years ago. (Rewrite the sentence without changing the meaning)

-> I have……………………………………………………….

33. I find watching television interesting.

→ I think…………………………………………………

34. Hung started collecting stamps and coins in 2010.

→ Hung has …………………………………………………


1 – C; 2 – B; 3 – D; 4 – C; 5 – C; 6 – B;  7 – A; 8 – D; 9 – B; 10 – D; 

11 – A; 12 – C; 13 – C; 14 – B; 15 – D; 16 – A; 17 – D; 18 – A; 19 – B; 20 – C

21 – Did you go; 

22 – haven’t met; 

23 – met;

24 – have learnt; 

25 – will visit/ is going to visit; 

26 – has been living;

27 – Her book is different from mine.

28 – My father does’t like playing boarding games. My sister doesn’t, either.

29 – Lan can’t paint as well as Nam.

30 – Because he was lazy, he didn’t pass the exam.

31 – Last year we provided evening classes for poor children.

32 – I haven’t seen him for ten years.

33 – I think watching television is interesting.

34 – Hung has collected stamps and coins since 2010.

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