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Bộ 5 đề thi giữa HK2 môn Tiếng Anh 10 có đáp án năm 2021 Trường THPT Lê Duẩn

Nhằm giúp các em học sinh lớp 10 có thêm tài liệu ôn tập chuẩn bị cho kì thi sắp tới. HOC247 xin giới thiệu đến các em tài liệu Bộ 5 đề thi giữa HK2 môn Tiếng Anh 10 có đáp án năm 2021 Trường THPT Lê Duẩn gồm phần đề và đáp án giải chi tiết, giúp các em ôn tập, rèn luyện kĩ năng làm đề. Mời các em cùng tham khảo.

Chúc các em đạt kết quả học tập tốt!




(Thời gian làm bài: 45 phút, không kể thời gian phát đề)

1. Đề số 1


I. Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest.

Question: 1. A. plays                     B. says                                   C. pays                       D. lays

Question: 2. A. clean                     B. pleasure               C. bread                     D. meadow

Question: 3. A. presented B. decided                 C. transported                       D. informed

Pick out the word which has the main stressed syllable differently from the rest:

Question: 4. A. resort                     B. forest                     C. lotus                      D. reason

Question: 5. A. altitude      B. excursion             C. waterfall                D. beautiful

II. Choose A, B, C or D that best complete each unfinished sentence; best substitutes the underlined part; or has the same meaning to the sentence above.

Question: 6. TV has _________ an important role in human life since its appearance.

                        A. played                   B. transported           C. endangered         D. paid

Question: 7. The teacher got angry because Jim went out of class without his ________.

                        A. persuasion                       B. condition              C. situation                D. permission

Question: 8. Many people believe him __________ he often tells a lie.

A. because                B. in spite of              C. although               D. because of

Question: 9. I _________ English for six months, But I don’t think I can communicate with a foreigner.

                        A. learn                      B. learned                 C. will learn               D. have learned

Question: 10. We decided to leave early _________ the party was boring.

A. although                           B. despite                  C. because                D. because of

Question: 11. everybody watches TV every day, _________ makes it perhaps the most common   hobby in our modern society.

                        A. that                        B. which                    C. those                     D. it

Question: 12. The teacher asked Peter _________ late for school.

                        A. why is he              B. why he is              C. why was he          D. why he was

Question: 13. _________ the high crime rate, many people like to live in big cities.

                        A. Because               B. In spite of              C. As                          D. Since

Question: 14. His doctor advised him to stop _________ due to his health, but he seemed not to be   able to do it.

                        A. smoke and drink                                     B. to smoke and to drink    

                        C. smoking and drinking                            D. smoked and drank

Question: 15. If we can solve the problems soon, it _________ better for everyone in the town.

                        A. will be                    B. would be               C. had been              D. were

Question: 16. She ________ here but she doesn’t work here now.

                        A. used to working   B. used to work        C. has worked          D. had worked

Question: 17. He is very capable _______ learning and understanding things.

                        A. with                        B. of                            C. at                            D. about

Question: 18. He__________ on seeing the manager of the hotel.

                        A. asked                    B. convinced            C. insisted                 D. expected                       

Choose the underlined part among A, B, C, or D that needs correcting

Question: 19. There were a lot of accidents because the icy roads

Question: 20. The film is about a boy which lost all money in the fire


1B 2A 3D 4A 5B 6A 7D 8C 9D 10C 11B 12D 13B 14C 15A 16B 17B 18C 19D 20B

–(Nội dung đầy đủ, chi tiết vui lòng xem tại online hoặc đăng nhập để tải về máy)—

2. Đề số 2

I. Choose the word whose bold part is pronounced differently from that of the others.

1. A  famous                  B face                                  C take                        D  catch

2.  A.  parked                   B.  endangered                  C.  watched               D.  stopped

3.  A. there                       B. that                                  C. this                         D. think

II. Grammar and structures:

4.I have studied French……….I was a little girl

     A. for                    B. since                      C. during                               D. when.

5.  She …born in 1990  .

    A. was                   B. were                      C . is                                      D. had been

6. When I arrived at  his house, he ……..

  1. slept                 B. sleeping              C. was sleeping                   D is sleeping

7.   I …….her last year.

     A. see                   B. saw                        C. have seen                      D. seeing

8. The bell ……….while  Tommy ………a bath

     A. rang/ was taking     B ring/ was taking       C. rang/ taking          D. ring/take

9.  If I see him, I ………….him a gift

     A . give                B. will give                C. would give                        D giving

10. If she ….. start , she will be late.

     A. don’t                B. isn’t                       C. doesn’t                             D. didn’t

11.If I had known that you were in hospital, I…… …………..you.

     A. will visit            B. would visit            C. will have visited               D. would have visited

12. If you….. ..ten minutes earlier, you would have got a seat.

        A. arrived         B.  arrive                   C. had arrived                      D. have arrived

13. I usually get up ………six ……..the morning.

        A .at/at              B at/ in                       C. at/ on                                            D. in/in

14. I arrive at school…….Mondays…….. 7 a.m.

        A. in/ at             B on/ in                      C. on/at                                 D. at/ at

15.   It was not until 1980 that they ……………………….. to learn English.

  1. began                   B. begin                     C. didn’t begin                      D. to begin

16.  “……. is your son going to Ha Noi?”  — “ On Monday ”.

      A. How                B. What                      C. What time                         D. When

17. ……………… do you get up every morning ?    – At 7:00.

     A. What time              B. What                                  C. Where                         D. Which

18. There is ………………… apple on the table. ………………… apple is sweet.

     A. a – The                  B. an – The                           C. the – An                      D. the – The

19.  We went to ………….. cinema twice a month.

          A.  an                                B.  a                                  C.  Ø                           D.  the

20…………………………. that he became famous.

A. It is not until   B. It is not until 2008       C. It was not until that       D. It was not until 2008


1D 2B 3D 4B 5A 6C 7B 8A 9B 10C 11D 12C 13B 14C 15A 16D 17A 18B 19D 20D

–(Nội dung đầy đủ, chi tiết vui lòng xem tại online hoặc đăng nhập để tải về máy)—

3. Đề số 3

I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the rest.

1. A. teach                        B. deaf                                      C. reason                               D. realize

2. A. dream                       B. death                                    C. real                                    D. year

II. Choose the word whose main stress is on different position from others

3. A. subtract                 B. suffer         C. effort                      D. primary

4. A. excursion             B. spacious   C. resume                  D. pagoda

IV. Choose the best answer (A, B, C or D) for each of the following questions

5.  When I’m tired, I enjoyed listening to music. It’s _________.

A. relaxing                   B. relaxation                C. relaxed                     D. relax

6.  They agreed _______ us some more money.

A. lent                           B. lending                    C. to lend                      D. lend

7. Did you get good marks in the first semester tests?

A. class                         B. year                          C. season                     D. term

8. Don’t you think my jeans need _______?

A. being cleaned        B. cleaning                  C. clean                        D. to clean

9. When we went back to the bookstore, the bookseller _______ the book we wanted.

A. sold                          B. sells                          C. has sold                   D. had sold

10.  We _________at the station ten minutes late.

A. arrived                      B. came                        C. left                             D. went

11.  She suddenly remembered she _________the gas stove.

A. hadn’t turned off    B. hasn’t turned off     C. hadn’t turn off         D. didn’t turn off

12.  Last night, I_________TV after I_________ my homework.

A. had watched/finished                                  B. had watched/had finished

C. watched/had finished                                  D. watched/finished

13.  Ms. Lan enjoys _________because she loves working with children.

A. teach                        B. to teach                   C. being taught           D. teaching

14. The Titanic,…………….sank in 1922, was supposed to be unsinkable.

A. whose       that .   C. which       D. who

15. “Look at those dark clouds!” “Yes, It looks like _______________ any minute”.

A. it’s going to rain   B. it’s raining                         C. it will rain D. it rains

16. Are you free this afternoon? – No, I am not. I __________ a lecture given by Professor Jones.

A. am attending        B. will attend C. attended   D. have attended

17. She____________ sixteen years old next Saturday.

A. is    B. is going to C. will be        D. has

18. I _____________ our teacher tomorrow, so I shall give him your note.

A. have seen B. going to see         C. shall have seen   D. am seeing

19. Our class ____________ a picnic at Thay Pagoda this Sunday.

A. am having B. will has      C. is going to have   D. go to have

20. When I was 10, I used_______ a lot of ice cream.

A. eat  B. ate  C. eating        D. to eat

III. Reading: Read the passage, then make questions and answer them:

–(Nội dung đầy đủ, chi tiết vui lòng xem tại online hoặc đăng nhập để tải về máy)—

4. Đề số 4

I. Chọn từ thích hợp hoàn thành đoạn văn sau

For many young people in Britain , sport is (1) …..popular part of school life, and being in one of the school teams  and playing in matches  is very (2) ….. .If someone is in a team, it means a lot of extra practice and often spending a Saturday or Sunday away from home, as many matches are (3) ….. then.

It can also involve travelling to other towns to play against other school teams and then staying on after the match for a meal or a drink .Sometimes parents, friends and other students will (4) ….. with the team to support (5) …..  own side.

1.  A. an                                B. zero article               C. a                                D. the

2. A. important                     B. importance               C. importantces            D. import

3. A. play                              B. to plays                     C. playing                      D. played

4. A. traveled                       B. travel                         C. travels                       D. travelling

5. A. their                              B. her                             C. his                              D. them

 II. Chọn câu trả lời đúng cho các câu hỏi sau:

 The Greenwood Boys are a group of popular singers. At present, they are visiting all parts of the country. They will arrive here tomorrow. They will come by train and most of the young people in town will meet them at the station. Tomorrow evening the will sing at the Workers’ Club. The Greenwood Boys will stay foe five days. During the time, they will give five performances. As usual, the police will have a difficult time. They will try to keep order. It is always the same on these occasion.

6. The  Greenwood Boys are _________ .

          A. popular actors        B. popular dancers      C. popular officers       D. popular singers

7. How many performances will they give ?

           A. 5                                B. 6                                C. 4                                D. 7

8. When will they come all parts of the country ?

           A. next week                B. the following month C. next day                  D. tomorrow

9. Who will meet them at the station ?

           A. boys                         B. young people          C. old people                D. adult

10. What will the police try to do ?

           A. keep time                B. keep order               C. give money              D. give order

III.Chọn từ có phần gạch chân phát âm khác với những từ còn lại:

11.  A. mother                     B. modern                     C. money                       D. month

12.  A. damage                    B. spade                        C. grateful                     D. trade

13.  A. there                         B. that                            C. this                            D. think

14.  A. sun                            B. under                        C. fun                             D. bury

IV. Chọn đáp áp đúng cho các câu sau:

15. At the end of the day’s work she is often _______ .

           A. exhausts                  B). exhaust                   C. exhausted                D. exhausting

16. We are having a party _______ Ann’s  brithday.

           A. to  celebrate            B. celebrated                C. celebrate                  D. celebrating

17. He is ______ vegetarian so he doesn’t eat meat or fish .

           A. the                            B. an                              C. at                               D. a

18. I saw a car accident while I ______ for you on this corner yesterday.

           A. had waited              B. waited                       C. am waiting               D. was waiting

19. I find nature film ______ .

           A. fascinate                  B. fascinating               C. fascinates                 D. fascinated

20. It was not _______  his father came home that the boy did his homework.

           A. as                              B. when                         C. until                           D. till

21. I like to talk with her I think she is an _______ person .

           A. interesting               B.  interested                C. interests                   D. interest

22. _______  ?  The film starts at 8.00 p. m.

           A. When do the film start ?                               B. When did the film start ?      

          C. When does the film start ?                          D. When is the film start ?

23. My friends live in ______ old house in a small village.

           A. an                             B. zero article               C. a                                D. the

24. I haven’t got any money.  ____________________ .

           A. I will lend you some money                         B. I won’t lend you some money          

          C. I will open the door                                       D. I will give you a lot

25. I wrote them a letter _______ them for the weekend.

           A. to thank                    B. thank                         C.  thanked                   D. thanking

26. It is a beautiful day. I could like to go to _____ beach.

           A. an                             B. zero article               C. the                             D. a

27. If you know English  , you can ______ with people from the E – speaking world easily.

           A. communicating       B. communication       C. communicative        D. communicate

28. Don’t try that new restaurant . I’m sure you _______ kike it.

           A. can                           B. are going to             C. won’t                         D. will

29. Did you remember to look seats ?Oh no . I forgot . I _________ for them now.

           A. will telephone         B. telephone     C. am going to telephone      D. have telephoned

 30. Ann _______ Arthur three weeks ago.

           A. meets                       B. met                            C. has met                    D. had met

–(Nội dung đầy đủ, chi tiết vui lòng xem tại online hoặc đăng nhập để tải về máy)—


I. 1c 2a 3d 4b 5a

II. 6d 7a 8d 9b 10b

III. 11c 12a 13d 14d  

IV. 15c 16a 17d 18d 19b 20c 21a 22c 23a 24a 25a 26c 27d 28c 29a 30b

V. 1d 2b 3b 4a

VI. Viết lại những câu sau dung từ đã cho sẵn.

1. She worked very hard. She wanted to save money. (To – infinitive)

= She worked very hard to save money

2. Sam didn’t buy that house until she saved enough money (It was not until)

=> It was not until sam saved enough money that she bought that house

3. The Bach concert lasted four hour (Wh- question) How long did The Bach concert last?

4. It’s very hot. I don’t like hot weather. (V-ing /V-ed)

a. The hot weather is tiring

b. The hot weather makes me tired

5. Đề số 5

I/ Choose the correct answers: (3)

1/ If I were offered the job, I think I ____________ it.

       A. will take                B. take                         C. took                        D. would take

2/ “Would you like a coffee?” –                    .                                             

       A. Not at all               B. Yes, let’s                  C. Yes. I’d love one    D. Yes, I would

3/ Trees, grasses and other plants ________ an important part in the natural circulation of water.

       A. are                        B. play                           C. have                       D. make

4/ My father didn’t have time _________ the newspaper.

       A. reading                 B. to read                     C. have read                D. read

5/ “……. is your son going to Ha Noi?”  — “ By plane”.
A. How                       B. What                                  C. What time                         D. When

6/ I……….. you soon. I promise.

      A. will see                        B. am going to see      C. will have seen           D. am seeing

7/ I was ……………… with this program.

          A. to bore                      B. boring                       C. bore                            D. bored

8/ This morning I bought ………….. book and ……………. pen.

          A. a/the                         B. the/a                         C. the/the                       D. a/a

9/ The cinema changed completely …………….. the end of the 1920s.

A. for                           B. to                               C. on                               D. at

10/  It was not until 1980 that they ……………………….. to learn English.

  1. began                                     B. begin                                 C. didn’t begin                      D. to begin

11/ Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest:

A. count                           B. about                                 C. sound                    D. famous

12/ Folk music …………………………. babies to sleep.

A. makes             B. wakes                    C. lulls                       D. lets


1A 2C 3B 4B 5A 6A 7D 8D 9D 10A 11D 12C

II/ Put the verb into the correct form:  (1)

1. All the children were (interest) ___________  in taking a field trip to the National Museum.

2. That was a very (interest)  _____________  story.

3. ‘I think I (walk) ______________ home across the park.” ‘That’s a good idea.

4. Don’t sit on that bench. I (clean) _____________________.


1/ interested                  2/ interesting             3/ will walk                 4/ am going to clean

III. Read the passage and then answer the questions.  (2)

–(Nội dung đầy đủ, chi tiết vui lòng xem tại online hoặc đăng nhập để tải về máy)—

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