Lớp 6

Bộ 5 đề thi học sinh giỏi môn Tiếng Anh lớp 6 năm 2021 Trường THCS Nhơn Bình

Mời các em cùng tham khảo tài liệu Bộ 5 đề thi học sinh giỏi môn Tiếng Anh lớp 6 năm 2021 Trường THCS Nhơn Bình do Ôn Thi HSG tổng hợp và biên soạn. Tài liệu bao gồm các dạng bài tập khác nhau, tổng hợp các kiến thức đã học. Hi vọng tài liệu này sẽ giúp các em ôn tập thật tốt cho kì thi chọn học sinh giỏi sắp tới. Chúc các em học tập tốt!



1. Đề số 1

I. Choose one word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others.

1. A. class                  B. Math                      C. black                     D. far

2. A. fun                    B. lunch                     C. awful                     D. tub

II. Choose from the four options given one best answer to complete each sentence.

1. What__________ now?

A. you are studying                                      B. are you studying

C. do you study                                            D. are you often studying

2. What__________ do you have English class?

A. often                      B. long                                   C. time                                   D. far

3. __________ do you have Math? ~ I have Math on Tuesday.

A. What                     B. How                       C. Which                   D. When

4. They have History__________ Wednesday__________ 8.50.

A. on-at                      B. from-to                  C.at-on                                   D. on-in

5. Math is difficult, but__________.

A. favorite                 B. easy                                   C. fun                         D. happy

6. Mai and Hoa__________ History in the classroom at the moment.

A. are study               B. are studying         C. is study                 D.is studying

III. Read the following passage then answer questions below.

            Thu is a student in class 6A. Now she is studying Math in the classroom. She has her Math classes on Monday and Friday. Her first Math class is on Wednesday at 7.00 a.m. on Friday, she has two Math classes from 7.00 a.m. to a quarter to none and other classes are Geography, Music and Physical Education. Her favorite subject is English. She think, English is an interesting and important subject.

1. What is Thu studying now?

A. She studying Math.                     B. She is studying Math.

C. She studying a Math.                  D. She is studying a Math.

2. When does she have her Math classes?

A. She has her Math classes on Wednesday.

B. She have her Math classes on Wednesday and Friday.

C. She has her Math classes on Wednesday.

D. She has her Math classes on Wednesday and Friday.

3. How many classes does she have on Friday?

A. She has two classes.                   B. She has three classes.

C. She has four classes.                   D. She has five classes.

4. What does she think about English?

A. She thinks English is difficult.  B. She thinks English is interesting.

C. She thinks English is important.  D. She thinks English is interesting and important.

IV. Choose the correct sentence by circling A, B, C or D according to the given words.

1. The boys/ study/ Math/ now.

A. The boys study Math now.                                 B. The boys is study Math now.

C. The boys are study Math now.              D. The boys are studying Math now.

2. Math / difficult / subject.

A. Math difficult subject.                            B. Math is difficult subject.

C. Math is an difficult subject.                   D. Math is a difficult subject.

3. children/ have/ classes/ morning/ ?

A. children have classes in the morning? 

B. Do children have classes in the morning?

C. Does children have classes in the morning?

D. Are children have classes in the morning?



1. D     2. C


1. B     2. C     3. D     4. A     5. C     6. B


1. B     2. D     3. D     4. D


1. D     2. B     3. B

2. Đề số 2


Choose the word in each group that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest.

1. A. express                       B. exciting                   C. expensive         D. excellent

2. A. coffee                          B. see                          C.  agree                D. free

3. A. son                               B. sugar                      C.  soup                    D. sing

4. A. palm                             B. fasten                    C. classmate            D. traffic

5. A. plays                             B. says                       C. days                     D. stays

6. A. dad                                B. hat                          C. plant                    D. happy

7. A. hear                               B. near                      C. fear                       D. pear

8. A. writes                           B. makes                    C. packets                D. tomatoes

9. A. clown                           B. down                    C. own                      D. town

10. A. breathe                       B. rhythm                 C. although              D. worth


Part I. Choose the best answer from A, B, C or D to complete these sentences. (4.0 points)

1. At the weekend we can play a ……………………..of badminton or join in a football match.      

A.sport                    B. game                    C. sports game         D. match game

2. Kien is not very ………………….He never plays games  

A.  sport                  B. sporty                           C. sporting                        D. unsporty

3. My brother likes watching TV……………………….I like going out with my friends

A. and                      B. but                       C. or                         D. so

4. I want to work in television industry,…………………….I am working hard

A. because             B. although            C. so                       D. and

5. Bangkok is …………. capital of Thailand.  

A. a          B. one                       C. X                         D. the

6. There are …………….. girls in his class.

A. not      B. no                         C. none    D. any

7. ……… she plays the piano!

A. How beautiful          B. How beautifully   C. What good      D. What well

8. On …. we often go out. 

A. nights of Saturday  B. Saturday nights   C. Saturday’s nights   D. none is correct

9. I don’t want much sugar in coffee. Just ………, please. 

A. little                     B. a little                          C. few                       D. a few

10. “I’ve just received a scholarship”       -”………………….!…………………………………..”

A. Really                  B. Thank you           C. Congratulations      D. Well

11. They canceled their picnic,………………………..the bad weather

A. because              B. because of         C. when                      D. and

12. ……………………..the program is late, we will wait to watch

 A. When                B. Because               C. Although            D. So

13. You can watch Harry Potter on TV ………………….you can read it

 A. so                      B. when                              C. but                          D. or

14. -“……………………………………………………………..”

      – “ He is of medium height, with black hair and dark skin

A. What is your  new friend like ? B. What does your new friend look like?

C. How is your new friends             D. What does your new friend like ?

15.” ……………………do you play table-tennis ?”

     – every weekend.

 A. When                   B. How often                         C. How           D. What time

16. –“ Excuse me .I am looking for a telephone box”

 -“ There is one ………………………………………..”

A. straight                  B. straight ahead          C. turn right    D. going left

17.-“ Would you like me to turn off your computer ?”

 – “………………………….I’ll do it myself .”

A. No, thanks             B.Yes, please            C. Don’t do it               D. Of course

18. My parents always say that I …………………….take thing without asking

A. needn’t                   B. mayn’t                 C.shouldn’t                   D. won’t

19. Vietnam celebrates Tet, but Korea………………

A. does                     B. doesn’t                 C. celebrate                  D. celebrates

20. It’s cold. The students ……………..warm clothes.

A .wear                     B. wears                   C. wearing                    D. are wearing

Part II. Supply the correct form or tense of the verbs in the parentheses (3.0 points).

1. Where is your mother? – She is in the kitchen. She ______(cook) the dinner.

2. Your brother often ______ (go) to school by bus last year?

3. He often played football when he ( be ) …………………young .

4. Trung is learning to play the guitar. He ( have ) ……………….guitar lessons twice a week.

5. Look! The plane (fly) ………………………. toward to the airport. It (land)……………………..

6. Take these medicines and you ( feel )   ………………..  better then, Ha .

7. I …………..(have) a birthday party tomorrow evening. Would you like ………..(come)?

8. ………… he……….. (like) milk or tea?

9. Where is Nam?- He(watch)…………………… TV in his room at the moment.

10. I often go to school by bicycle but today I ……….. (go) to school by bus.

11. My best friend (write)………………………… me  a letter several time.

12. If it (be ) …………..nice tomorrow. We ( plant)…………………..some young trees.

13. – ……………….you ever ( see )………………..a real robot at work?

      – No, never.

14. Do you think there ( be ) ………………a city underwater?

15. I (never ,see)………………………..such a big flower.

16. He ( never meet ) …………………her before.


I. 2 điểm (0,2 điểm cho mỗi câu đúng)

1. D     2. A     3. B     4. D     5. B     6. C     7. D     8. D     9. C     10. D

II. 4 điểm (0,2 điểm cho mỗi câu đúng)

1. D                 2. A                 3. D                4. C                 5. D

6. B                 7. B                 8. B                9. B                 10. C

11. B               12. C              13. D              14. B              15. B

16. B               17. A               18. C              19. B            20. D

III. 3 điểm (0,2 điểm cho mỗi động từ đúng)

1. is cooking                       9. Is watching                

2  Did – go                         10. Am going

3. was.                                 11. Has written

4. has                                   12. Is – will plant

5. is flying – is giong to      13. Have – seen

6. will feel                           14. Will be

7. am having/ am going to have               15. Have never seen

8. Does – like                       16. has never met

IV. 2 điểm (0,2 điểm cho mỗi đáp án đúng)

1. length         2. happiness  3. Leaves         4. Resolution           5. First- footer          

6. Creative     7. Talkative  8. Players           9. talking               10. Patient

V. 2 điểm (0,2 điểm cho mỗi từ điền đúng nếu tìm ra lỗi mà chưa sửa thì cho 0,1 điểm)

1. How swim àHow to swim        2. Leaves à left                  

3. What à how                                4. Go à have gone            

5. Tell à show                                6. to àfrom                                    

7. Have gone  àhave been              8. So à because                            

9. To  àfor                                       10. Which à what

VI. 2 điểm (0,2 điểm cho mỗi câu đúng)

1. From                    2. For

3. At – on                 4. In – in

5. Off                       6. In

7. At                         8. on

VII. 2 điểm (0,25 điểm cho mỗi từ đúng)

1. A                2. C                   3. A                 4. B                

5. A                6. C                   7. A                 8. B

VIII. 2 điểm (0,25 điểm cho mỗi câu đúng)

1. People                 2. high                  3. in                  4. climb/visit          5. will

IX. 2 điểm (0,2 điểm cho mỗi câu đúng)

1. You must do your home work before going to school.

2. We must be present at the class discussion on Saturday.

3. Tokyo is the largest of the tree cities.

4. We mustn’t throw rubbish.

5. How many apples would she like?

6. It is easy to learn how to use a computer.

7. He is a careful driver.

8. Student at our school do a lot of outdoor activities.

9. I have  a difficulty in finding a better solution to that problem.

10. Lan has two younger sisters.

X. 1 điểm.

– Tùy theo hướng viết, cách viết của học sinh mà giảm khảo có thể cho điểm:

– Nhưng bài viết phải:

– Kể được về gia đình của mình với các nội dung có thể:

Phần 1(Mở bài): Nêu khái quát được về ngôi nhà  của mình.

Phần 2 (Thân bài): Kể chi tiết về ngôi nhà  mình (trong nha va ngoài nhà).

Phần 3 (Kết luận): Đưa ra cảm nhận đánh giá,….. về ngôi nhà của mình.

– Đúng ngữ pháp,đúng bố cục.

Đề thi học sinh giỏi tiếng Anh 6 có đáp án trường THCS huyện Yên Định

3. Đề số 3


1. Choose one word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others by circling A, B, C, or D.


A. books     

B. pencils

C. rulers        

D. bags


A. tenth

B. math

C. brother

D. theater


A. has

B. name

C. family

D. lamp

2. Choose the word that is different from the others.


A. see

B. thirsty

C. hungry

D. hot


A. in

B. but

C. of

D. under


I.  Choose the best answer A, B, C or D to complete the sentences.

1. One of them ……………..an oval face.

A. have                      B. having                   C. has                        D.had.

2. There is ……………….. bread on the table.

A. a                             B. an                           C. some                     D. two.

3. Their cows produce ………………

A. a lot of milk         B. many milk               C. lots milk                       D. afew milk

4. ……………..straight across the road.

A. Don’t run             B. Not run                   C. No run                  D. Can’t run

5. I learn music………………. : on Mondays and Fridays.

A. two times a week                                       B. once a week

C. one a week                                                             D. twice a week

6. How many minutes are there in………… hour?

A. a                             B. an                             C. the                                  D. these

7. I eat an apple every morning. It’s my…………………fruit.

A.  good                     B.  like                                       C.  favorite                       D.  cold

8 ……is your uncle going to stay here?   – ……………… about three days.

A. How long – For                B. How far – For

C. How long – At                        D. How long – From

9.  Ho Chi Minh city is …………………city in Viet Nam.

A.  big                         B.  bigger                      C.  the bigest         D.  the biggest          

10. My French pen pal, Jack can speak six …………………fluently.

A. speeches               B. countries                   C. languages            D. nationalities

II.  Fill in the blanks with the correct prepositions.

1. I’m sitting ……………..Tuyen and Thao.

2. The population……………..the world is growing.

3. You should put them ……………your bag.

4. We often help mom…………….Sundays.

5. The farmers are loading the truck…………..vegetables.



1. Choose one word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others   by circling A, B, C, or D.

1. A         2.C          3. B

2. Choose the word that is different from the others

4.A         5.B


I.  Circle the best answer A, B, C or D to complete the sentences:

1. C                                  2. C                                 

3. A                                  4. A                                

5. D                                  6. B   

7. C                                  8. A       

9. D                                  10. C

II.  Fill in the blanks with the correct prepositions.

1. between

2. of

3. in

4. on

5. with

III. Write the correct form of the words given in capital letters write the answers in the box.

1. comfortable

2. better

3. leaves

4. beautiful

5. noisy

6. teeth

7. writer

8. musician

9. dangerous

10. unhappy

IV. Give the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

1. to come

2. does….go

3. is doing

4. are……… going to do

5. speak

6. isn’t

7. to be

8. is raining

9. Is Mai

10. Are there


I. Read and circle the best option A, B, C or D to complete the passage.

1. A                                 6. C

2. C                                 7. B

3. D                                 8. D

4. B                                  9. A

5. A                                  10. C

II. Fill in each blank with ONE suitable word to complete the passage.

1. lots

2. There

3. rivers

4. south

5. longest

6. than

7. flows

8. the

9. high

10. has

III. Read the following passage and write.

1. He has two brothers.

2. They always wear jeans and T-shirts.

3. They go to a soccer match once a week.

4. Because he wants to be a student at university/ Because he wants to go to university

5. Yes, they do.


I. There is a mistake in each sentence. Find and correct it.

1. B=> is

2. B=> does

3. A=> many

4. D=> some

5. B=> children

II. Complete the second sentence, using the word given in brackets so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence. Do not change the word given in any way.

1. My father usually goes to work by car.

2. My mother and I walk to the supermarket every day.

3. How much does this hat cost?

4. What about singing  an English song?

5. This is the oldest house in the village.

6. Does your school have twenty classrooms and six hundred students?

7. How heavy is your father?

8. Mr. Vinh has a daughter, Oanh.

9. Her favorite food is  noodles.

10. The toy store is to the left of the bookstore .

4. Đề số 4

I. Chọn từ mà phần gạch chân có cách phát âm khác với các từ còn lại.

1. A. noodle B. food C. door D. stool

2. A. take B. game C. gray D. hand

3. A. buses B. goes C. boxes D. couches

4. A. music B. lunch C. mum D. up

5. A. ear B. heavy C. head D. bread

II. Chọn đáp án đúng nhất (A, B, C hoặc D) để hoàn thành các câu sau.

1. “7.45” is read ____________.

A. a quarter to eight B. seven forty-five C. seven past forty-five D. A & B

2. Tam’s house is _______ a bookshop _______ a restaurant.

A. next to – and B. between – and C. next to – of D. between – of

3. Do you go to school _______ bike or _________ foot?

A. by – by B. on – on C. on – by D. by – on

4. Do you have any toothpaste? I’d like a large ________.

A. bar B. tube C. bag D. loaf

5. _________ does your brother go jogging? – Everyday.

A. How B. How often C. How long D. What time

6. – Would you like something to drink? – ____________.

A. Thank you. I’m full. B. No, I don’t like.

C. No, thanks. D. Yes, I like.

7. These are my notebooks, and those are _________.

A. they B. their C. there’s D. theirs

8. The boy _________thin, but he is strong.

A. is looking B. look C. looks D. looking

9. My mother _________ housework everyday.

A. does B. makes C. goes D. plays

10. What would you like ________ for you?

A. me doing B. me do C. me to do D. I do

III. Điền và chia động từ thích hợp vào mỗi chỗ trống trong các câu sau.

drink – play – listen – be – want – have – eat – hate – jog – water

16 + 17. We ________ tired and we _________ to go to bed.

18. He likes _________ football with his sons on Sunday afternoons.

19. She’s a vegetarian. She never _________ meat.

20. Sue likes cats but she _________ dogs.

21. Well, they ___________to the radio. Don’t disturb them!

22. _________ you sometimes _________a winter holiday?

23. What’s there __________? – Only some water.

24. Jack __________ the flowers at the moment.

25. __________ is my favorite sport.


Câu I:











Câu II:





















Câu III:

16. are

17. want

18. playing

19. eats

20. hates

21. are listening

22. Do….. have

23. to drink

24. is watering

25. Jogging

Câu IV:











Câu V:





















Câu VI:





















Câu VII:


















59. There is a living –room, two bedrooms and a kitchen in my house.

60. This is my brother’s pencil.

61. How heavy is your father?

62. Nam is the tallest (student) in my class.

63. How much milk does your brother drink everyday?

64. Huy goes to school on foot everyday.

65. What’s the price of a bowl of noodle?

Câu IX:

66. My sister needs 10 kilos of rice and half a kilo of pork.

67. Nam and his friends play volleyball three times a week.

68. Milk and apple juice are my favorite drinks.

69. There aren’t any mangoes in the fridge.

70. Is Mr. Young playing volleyball now?

Câu X:

71. get -> gets

72. does have -> has

73. by -> on

74. ending -> end

75. house -> home

76. in -> on

77. he’s -> his

78. is playing -> plays

79. Sundays -> Sunday.

80. go -> goes

5. Đề số 5

I. Choose the word in each group that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest. (2.5pts)

1. A. this                    B. thank                     C. thin                        D. thought

2. A. plays                 B. cleans                    C. listens                    D. works

3. A. table                  B. face                        C. bad                          D. take

4. A. home                 B. horse                      C. go                           D. post

5. A. read                   B. clean                      C. tea                          D. breakfast

II. Choose the best answer A, B, C or D to complete the following sentences.(5pts)

1. We usually write to each other _________ .

A. every two weeks  B. every week twice         C. two every week       D. none is correct

2. TV programme “Daddy, where are we going?” is not only interesting _______ it also teaches children a lot of thing about family and friendship.

A. and                                    B. but                         C. because                 D. so

3. Do you think we’ll find a solution _________ the problem?

A. to                           B. for                          C. of                           D. about

4. She _________ to the radio in the morning.

A. hears                     B. watches                 C. listens                    D. sees

5. _________ do you work?   – I work at a school.

A. What                     B. Where                   C. When                     D. How

6. The opposite of “weak” is _________ .

A. thin                                    B. small                      C. strong                    D. heavy

7.  _________ honest man!

A. What a                  B. How                       C. What an                D. How much

8. Mr and Mrs Brown and their father have _________ legs.

A. four                        B. six                          C. eight                      D.  ten

9. Would you like _________ that for you?

A. me doing              B. that I do                C. me do                                D. me to do

10. Which is _________ of the two girls ?

A. tallest                    B. the tallest              C. taller                      D. the taller

III. Give the correct form of each verb in brackets to complete the following sentences.(10pts)

1. It is 6:00 p.m. Mary is at home. She (have) _________________dinner. She always (have) _________________ dinner with her family around 6 o’clock .

2. My friend (take) _________________ a trip to Da Lat next week, and he plans (stay) ________________ there for a week.

3. He often (drink) _________________ coffee for breakfast, but today he (eat) _________________ some eggs.

4. Laura (be) _________________ from Canada. She (speak) _________________ English  and French.

5. Minh (be) _________________ to Da Nang twice. He (visit) _________________ a lot of places of interest in Da Nang.

IV. Fill in each blank with the correct form of the word in brackets.(5 pts)

1. Lan’s brother is a _________________ . He plays it very well.             (piano)

2. Where is the _________________ post office from here?                      (near)

3. She often feels _________________when she gets bad marks.              (happy)

4. I don’t like _________________ days.                                                    (rain)

5. There is a very _________________ movie on at the Fansland cinema (interest)

6. You will be _________________ after your summer holiday.               (healthy)

7. What is the _____________ sport in your country?                                (popular)

8. 4. I’d like a nice _________________ orange.                                        (juice)

9. Your house is _________________ from our school than mine.             (far)

10. Lan is good at English. She can speak English _________________.  (fluent)



1 – B; 2 – D; 3 – C; 4 – B; 5 – D


1 – A; 2 – B; 3 – A; 4 – C; 5 – B; 6 – C; 7 – C; 8 – B; 9 – D; 10 – D


1. is having; has            2. will take; to stay         3. drinks; is eating          

4. is ; speaks                  5. has been ; has visited


1. pianist         2. nearest       3. unhappy        4. rainy           5. interesting

6. healthier      7. most popular   8. juicy        9. farther        10. fluently


1 – D;       2 – C;        3 – B;       4 – F;        5 – I;     6 – H;       7 – E;    8 – J;    9 – K;     10 – G


1. in              2. much      3. time          4. them       5. lot

6. with          7. more       8. start           9. have      10. able


1. with         2. at        3. along        4. off      5. for


1. B                 2. D                 3. A                4. C                              5. A


1. It is in the north of Thailand.                              

2. It is lined with small stands and shops.

3. We/ I can buy everything.

4. No, they aren’t.                                                    

5. No, it isn’t.


1. than              2. whole            3. in            4. much               5. on   

6. are                7. surface           8. to           9. word               10. miles


1. Antarctica is the coldest place in the world.

2. It is good for you to do exercises every morning.

3. Tennis is Lan’s favourite sport.

4. My brother is a good guitarist.

5. This is the first time Nick has been to Da Nang.


1. The Discovery Channel makes funny education for children all over the world.

2. Although Peter Likes sports very much, he doesn’t have (enough free) time to play or/ and watch them.

3. In summer we go swimming with my friends at weekend and in winter we often go ice skating.

4. Mai and her brother have learned English for four years.

5. That boy is the most intelligent in our class.

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