Lớp 9

Bộ 5 đề thi học sinh giỏi môn Tiếng Anh lớp 9 năm 2021 Trường THCS Tùng Thiện Vương

Dưới đây là Bộ 5 đề thi học sinh giỏi môn Tiếng Anh lớp 9 năm 2021 Trường THCS Tùng Thiện Vương đã được Ôn Thi HSG biên soạn. Với các dạng đề khác nhau, các em sẽ có cơ hội luyện tập và chuẩn bị thật tốt cho kì thi học sinh giỏi. Mời các em cùng xem chi tiết tư liệu ngay sau đây.



1. Đề số 1


I. Which word is stressed differently from the others? (0,5m)

1. A. picnic                              B. fishing                    C. arrive                      D. movie

2. A. tomorrow                       B. badminton              C. aerobic                    D. usually

3. A. frequently                       B. gymnastic               C. adjective                 D. difference

4. A. activity                          B. destination              C. independent           D. intersection

5. A. recycle                            B. potato                     C. collection                D. dangerous

II. Which underlined part is pronounced differently? (0,5m)

6. A. drop                                B. joke                         C. top                          D. confidence

7. A. ground                            B. found                      C. though                    D. sound

8. A. normal                            B. order                       C. oven                        D. origin

9. A. honesty                           B. hair                         C. honor                      D. hour

10. A. sugar                             B. steam                      C. press                       D. waste         


I) Choose and circle the word (A, B, C or D) that best completes each sentence (3ms)

1. Hurry up, there’s …… time left.

A. a little                                 B. a few                      C. little                        D. few

2. For lunch, you may have _________ fish or chicken.

A. both                                    B. neither                    C. not only                              D. either

3. The clerk said she was tired …… hearing complaints day after day.

A. with                                    B. of                            C. about                                              D. for

4. You and I are busy right now, ……?

A. aren’t I                                B. aren’t we                C. we aren’t                             D. aren’t you  

5. We arrived …… to have some coffee before class.

A. enough early                       B. early enough           C. too early                              D. early too    

6. “What are you doing?”

     “I …… the flowers. They …… wonderful!”

A. am smelling / smell                                                            B. smell / smell                      

C. am smelling / are smelling                         D. smell / are smelling

7. Do you know _________ ?

A. who how many people go on Sundays to church

B. who go to church on Sundays how many people

C. how many people who go on Sundays to church

D. how many people who go to church on Sundays

8. We watch the cat ________ the tree.

A. climbed                              B. climb                       C. had climbed                        D. was climbing

9. If we had known your new address, we ________ to see you.

A. came                                   B. will come                C. would come                        D. would have come

10. He looked forward to ________ his first pay packet.

A. receive                                B. have received         C. be receiving                        D. receiving

11. “Let’s go dancing, _________?” – “Yes, let’s.”

A. won’t we                            B. don’t we                 C. do we                                  D. shall we

12. I wish I _________ all about this matter a week ago.

A. knew                                  B. know                      C. had known  D. B & C are correct.

13. He was _________ he could not wake up.

A. very tired that                     B. such tired that                     C. too tired that           D. so tired that

14. Joan asked _________.

A. if there was coffee                                     B. there was coffee

C. was there coffee                                                     D. where was the coffee

15. I ____ my house ____. That is why there is all this mess.

A. had – paint B. have – paint            C. am having – painted                       D. had had – paint

16. He was made _________ for two hours.

A. to wait                    B. wait            C. waiting                                           D. waited

17. “Where are my jeans?” “They _________ at the moment. Sorry.”

A. are washing            B. were washed          C. are washed             D. are being washed

18. It took weeks to get used to …… someone else around.

A. have                                    B. having                                 C. had                                     D. has

19…… he comes in half an hour, I shall go alone.

A. If                                        B. Unless                                 C. Because                  D. When

“Did you like the new French movie?”

“My wife liked it but I was a little …….”

A. boring                                 B. bored                                  C. boredom                 D. bore

20. I want to have my suit …… . I’m going to a wedding on Saturday.

A. cleaned                   B. cleaning                  C. clean                                   D. to clean

21. He turned …… the light so as not to waste electricity.

A. off                                      B. of                                        C. on                                       D. down

22. My father tells me to give …… smoking.

A. up                           B. off                                      C. of                                        D. out

23. Anne smokes a lot. …… .

A. So her mother does                                    B. So does her mother

C. Does her mother too                                               D. Too her mother does

24. I haven’t seen Jenny …… .

A. for a long time                    B. in the last time                    C. since long               D. lastly

25. Are these the books …… you have been looking for?

A. which                                 B. who                                     C. whom                                 D. whose

26. Keiko has $100. Betty has $75. Betty has less money than Keiko.

A. more money than                                                               B. not as much money as                   

C. the same money as                                                 D. a lot of money

27. Have you fed the chickens yet?

In the passive voice, this should read:

A. Has somebody fed the chickens yet?        

B. Have the chickens fed yet?

C. Have the chickens been fed yet?   

D. Have you had the chickens fed yet?

28. nice surprise / receive / your letter.

A. to receive your letter it is a nice surprise.

B. Receiving your letter it is a nice surprise.

C. It is a nice surprise to receive your letter.

D. It is a nice surprise when receiving your letter.

29. I / school / five days / week / favorite subjects / Math / English.

A. Despite I go to school five days a week and my favorite subjects are Math and English

B. I go to school five days a week and my favorite subjects are Math and English.

C. I go to school five days in a week so that my favorite subjects are Math and English.

D. I go to school five days a week with my favorite subjects are Math and English.

30. There / more visitors / March / April

A. There were more visitors in March than in April.

B. There were more than visitors in March and in April.

C. There were as many as visitors in March and in April.

D. There were visitors in March more than in April.

II. Identify and circle one underlined word or phrase that is incorrect. (2,5ms)

1. They asked a lot of questions, checked their figures, and came up with a best

                  A                                       B                                        C                  D


2. We will be interviewed all job applicants as soon as their papers have been

                            A                            B                 C                                D


3. This telephone isn’t as cheap the other one, but it works much better.

                                            A               B                                   C         D

4. That secretary of mine is so efficient that she always amazes myself with her                                                      

                                    A                                   B                                C              D


5. Most students were able of finding good jobs three to six months after

                                       A               B               C                                                          D


6. We were made learning fifty new words every week.

              A       B         C                                         D

7. Both cattle or railroads helped build the city of Chicago.

       A               B                            C               D

8. Mrs. Adams was surprise that her son and his friend had gone to the

                                     A                    B                                             C        

mountains to ski.     


9. The letter was sent by special delivery must be important.

                        A                       B                  C          D

10. Suzy had better to change her study habits if she hopes to be admitted to a

                 A                    B                                                                                         C              D

good university.


I) Use the correct word form: (3ms)

1) My new car is more . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . than the one I had before. (economy)

2) He didn’t feel happy because he worked . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(success)

3) My colleagues are very pleasant, but the manager is a little. . . . . . . . . . . . (friend)

4) We must make a . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .about where to go. (decide)

5) Lucy got . . . . . . . . quickly and went for work. (dress)

6) We all looked . . . . . . . . . . . . . . after the summer holiday. (health)

7) The children are more . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . in cartoons. (interest)

8) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ., the weather was so bad that we couldn’t go out. (fortune)

9) I hope there won’t be too much . . . . . . . . . . . . . . in getting a work permit. (difficult)

10) That . . . . . . . . . . . . . . has composed a lot of beautiful songs. (music)

II) Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it means exactly the same as the sentences printed before it (2,5ms)

1) We arrived too late to see the first film.

à We didn’t  

2) “Would you mind not smoking in here?”

à I’d rather   

3) He wrote the letter in two hours.

à It took        

4) “Why don’t we go out for a walk?”

My father suggested  

5) In spite of his age, Mr. Benson runs 8 miles before breakfast.

à Though      

III) Complete the second sentence so that it has the similar meaning to the first sentence using the word given. Do not change the word given. (2,5ms)

1) It would be difficult for me to finish the work by the weekend. (difficulty)

2) Be sure to say goodbye to your grandmother before you leave. (without)

(Be sure not to leave without saying goodbye to your grandmother)

3) If I don’t leave now, I’ll miss the train. (unless)

4) You know a lot of people. (seem)

5) Tan looks nothing like his father. (take)


I) Read the following passage and then choose the word (A, B, C or D) that best completes each blank.  (3ms)

“My home is in the air – I do an enormous amount of traveling. It is a fast life and (1) ______ of work, but I like it and that is the only way (2) ______ me. Everything is tiring – music, traveling – but what can I do? I am not (3) ______ to complaining. It is hard to imagine now (4) ______ I will ever be very long in one place. My home town is on the Caspian Sea. There is sea, wind, sun and (5) ______ (many tourists and hotels. I have my own flat with four or five rooms, but I am seldom there. If I am there for a day or two I prefer to (6)  ______ with my mother and grandmother. They live in a small house, (7) ______ it is very comfortable and my mother cooks for me. I like good, simple food.

I have no wife, no brothers or sisters and my father (8)______  when I was seven. He was an engineer and I don’t (9)______  him very well. He liked music very much and wanted me to (10) ______ a musician.”

1.         A. most                       B. full                                      C. complete                 D. more

2.         A. for                          B. to                                        C. in                            D. by

3.         A. wanted                   B. taken                                   C. used                        D. known

4.         A. and                         B. so                                        C. while                       D. that

5.         A. far                           B. too                                      C. much                       D. more

6.         A. stay                         B. go                                       C. do                           D. spend

7.         A. but                          B. since                                   C. even                        D. which

8.         A. killed                      B. gone                                    C. passed                     D. died

9.         A. know                      B. remember                            C. remind                    D. see

10.       A. become                   B. turn                                     C. develop                   D. grow

II) Read the passage carefully and choose the correct answer: (2,5ms)

                        In the early years of television, educational specialists believed that it would be very useful in teaching and learning. Many schools have brought television sets, intending to use them effectively to improve the quality of education; but actually they are rarely used properly in classrooms. Meanwhile, children spending the majority of their out-of-school hours watching TV and their typical school days proceed as if television did not exist.

                        There are some explanations for the failure of television to get the interest of the teachers. Firstly, the schools that purchased television sets have not set aside money for equipment repairs and maintenance so these television sets are sooner and later out of work. Secondly these schools have not found an effective way to train teachers to integrate television into their ongoing instructional programs. Lastly, most teachers do not regard the quality of television and its usefulness in the classroom.

                        Teachers at the schools work hard for at least twelve years to train their students to become good readers. However, according a recent statistics, teenagers seldom spend their free time reading books and newspapers but watching television instead.

1) The text is about:

A. the use of television at schools.                             B. teaching and learning television

C. educational specialists.                                                       D. watching TV outside school.

2) When TV first appeared, educational specialists . . . . . . . .

A. did not appreciate it.                                                                                 

B. did not appreciate it.

C. believed it would be useful for schooling.

D. banned children from watching TV.

3) According to the text, TV . . . . . . . . .

A. has not been used properly in classrooms.

B. has been used effectively in classrooms.

C. has not existed in classrooms.

D. has not attracted students’ interest.

4) There are . . . . . . . . . explanations for the failure of television to get the interest of the teachers.

A. two                                     B. three                                   C. four                         D. five

5) Children spend their free time . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

A. reading books                                                                     B. reading newspapers.

C. learning foreign languages             D. watching TV.



I) mỗi câu đúng 0,1đ

1C                   2A                   3B                   4A                   5D                  

II) mỗi câu đúng 0,5đ

6D                   7C                   8C                   9B                   10A


I) mỗi câu đúng 0,1đ

1C       2D       3B       4B       5B       6A       7D       8B       9D       10D

11D     12C     13D     14A     15C     16A     17D     18B     19B     20A

21A     22A     23B     24A     25A     26B     27C     28C     29B     30A

II) mỗi câu đúng 0,25đ

1D       2A       3A       4C       5C       6C       7B       8A       9A       10B


I) mỗi câu đúng 0,3đ

1-economical               2-unsuccessfully          3-friendly        4-decision        5-dressed                    

6-healthy                     7-interested                 8-unfortunately           9- difficulty     10-musician

II) mỗi câu đúng 0,5đ

1) We didn’t arrive early enough to see the first film.

2) I’d rather you didn’t smoke in here

3) It took him 2 hours to write the letter.

4) My father suggested we should go out for a while.

                                      going out for a while.

5) Though Mr.Benson is old, He runs 8 miles before breakfast.

III) mỗi câu đúng 0,5đ:

1) I would have difficulty in finishing the work by the weekend.

2) Be sure not to leave without saying goodbye to your grandmother.

3) I’ll miss the train unless I leave now.

4) You seem to know a lot of people.

5) Tan doesn’t take after his father at all.


I) mỗi câu đúng 0,3đ:

1B       2A       3C       4D       5B       6A       7A       8D       9B       10A

II) mỗi câu đúng 0,5đ

1A       2C       3A       4B       5D      

2. Đề số 2

Câu 1: Tìm từ có phần gạch chân phát âm khác các từ còn lại

1/ a; coughed                          

2/ a; chemist                       

3/ a; don’t                  

4/ a; love                           

5/ a; bought                     

6/ a; addition                        

7/ a; manage                       

8/ a; worth             

9/ a; common                         

10/ a; fame                  

b; laughed                           

b; check                      

b; bone                     

b; cover                            

b; thought                       

b; adventure                      

b; age                     

b; eighteenth                       

b; comma

b; change                                                

c; mapped                              

c; child                          

c; sold                      

c; color                              

c; through                         

c; advertise                          

c; mileage                     

c; path                             

c; commerce                                

c; champagne                    

d; wicked

d; cheer

d; comic

d; over

d; ought

d; advantage

d; rouge

d; with

d; comb

d; blame

Câu 2: Chia động từ trong ngoặc

a/ I was tired when I got home. I (1. work) all day.

b/ I (2. arrive) in England in the middle of July. I (3. be told) that England (4. be) shrouded in fog all year round, so I (5. be) surprised to find that it was merely raining.

c/ I (6. ask) another passenger, an Englishman, about the fog and he (7. say) that there (8.not be) any since previous February.

d/ John and I went for a walk. I (9. have) trouble (10. keep) up with him because he (11.walk) so fast

e/ By next June John (12. particpate) in four Olympics.

f/ I want to get married, but I (13. not meet) the right person yet.

g/ He had clearly been listening to our conversation and I (14. wonder) how much he (15.hear). When I (16. ask) him what he (17. do), he (18. say) that he (19. drop) a 50 piece uotside the door and (20. look) for it. 

Câu 3: Điền giới từ thích hợp vào chỗ trống

a/ What do you think is the best solution ……(1) the problem?

b/ There has been a big increase ………(2) the price ………..(3) land recently.

c/ Paula is a wonderful photographer. She likes taking pictures ……..(4) people.

d/ Mr Pike is away ………..(5) vacation this week

e/ My friend and I disagreed …………(6) that subject.

f/ Chidren rely ………..(7) their parents …………(8) food and shelter.

g/ We wear sunglasses to protect our eyes ………..(9) the sun.

h/ Children’s play teaches them ………(10) their environment while they are having fun.


Câu 1:

1/ d      2/ a      3/ d    4/ d       5/ c

6/ c      7/ d      8/ d    9/ d       10/c

Câu 2

1/ had been working  2/ arrived  3/ had been told  4/ was

5/ was     6/ asked   7/ said   8/ hadn’t been  

9/ had    10/ keeping 11/ was walking  12/ will have participated

13/ haven’t met 14/ wondered  15/ had heard  16/ asked

17/ was doing (had been doing) 18/ said  19/ had dropped  20/ was looking (had been looking)

Câu 3

1/ to  2/ in  3/ of  4/ of  5/ on  6/ about  7/ on  8/ for  9/ from 10/ about

Câu 4

1/ enrich  2/ broaden  3/ knowledge  4/ passage  5/ gardening

6/ marriage 7/ probably  8/ arguments 9/ hopeful 10/ suitable

11/ rainy 12/ growth 13/ cultural 14/ Additionally 15/ famous

16/ success 17/ truly 18/ inventor  19/ scientists 20/ entrance

Câu 5

1/ He denied for stealing (having stolen) the car/ that he had stolen the car.

2/ Isn’t there (another way/ some other way/ any other way)(to/ to reach/ reaching) the city centre.

3/ At no time did he suspect (that) the money had been stolen/ someone had stolen the money.

4/ If I were you, I’d take more exercise.

5/ She persuaded me not to leave.

6/ He greatly regretted not seeing Andrey on her trip to London.

7/ The accident is thought to have been caused by human error.

8/ He asked Elizabeth if she would be visiting the Taj Mahal when she went..

9/ The waiter recommended us to try/ that we should try …..

10/ I have never tasted such a dilicious cake

Câu 6

1/ fascinated  2/ mechanical  3/ research   4/ generation

5/ advantages  6/ dangerous  7/ bother 8/ nuclear

Câu 7

1/ have -> are                                      2/ Despite-> Although

3/ increasing-> increased                    4/ products -> produces

5/ surrounding -> surrounded             6/ that -> where

7/ quick-> quickly                               8/ them -> their

9/ affets-> effects                                 10/ warmest-> warmer

Câu 8:

1/ My father, who is on a business trip to HCM city all this week sent me this present.

2/ I won’t lend you my motorbike unless you promise to be careful.

3/ The student whose parents you just met is one of my classmates.

4/ It’s likely that people will have to work only fours hours a day.

5/ If I had a spare ticket, I would take you to the concert.

6/I would have walked with you if I hadn’t twisted my ankle.

7/ Would you mind taking the book back to the library for me.

8/ This is the axact spot where the accident happened.

9/ We got tired of answering his questions agin and again.

10/ The Job suits students who want to work during holiday.

Câu 9

1/ c  2/ a  3/ d  4/ a  5/ a  6/ d 7/ a  8/ a  9/ c  10/ a

Câu 10

1/ Does UNICEF serve children of all religions in developing countries ?

    Yes, it does

2/ What is UNICEF’S purpose?

   Its purpose is to help provide a better life for children and their mothers.

3/ How many people in the world today live in poor and hopeless condition.

  800 million people do

4/ What is one of the reason millions of people die every year.

   They drink impure water / unsafe water. 

3. Đề số 3

Câu 1: Chọn đáp án đúng

1. If Hoa ____ rich, she would travel around the world.

            A. is                             B. was             C. were                        D. been

2. Ba ____ a new bicycle recently.

            A. bought                    B. buying                    C. buy             D. has bought

3. Nam ____ speaks Chinese but also speaks Japanese.

            A. not only                  B. so                            C. only            D. can

4. It is raining very hard ____ we can’t go camping.

            A. so                            B. so that                     C. more over   D. however

5. Miss Hoa ____ sing very well is Nam’s mother.

            A. which                     B. whom                     C. who            D. where

6. Hung enjoys ____ fishing and boating.

            A. to go                       B. go                           C. going                      D. went

7. She asked me where I ____ from.

            A. come                       B. coming                    C. came                       D. to come

8. The Ao Dai is the traditional dress of ______ women.

            A. Chinese                  B. Vietnamese C. Japanese     D. English

9. She loves to watch the star ____ night.

            A. in                            B. at                            C. on                           D. from

10. We must finish our project _____.

            A. on time                   B. in time                    C. yesterday    D. time

Câu 2: Cho dạng đúng của động từ trong ngoặc

1. I (not/eat) any thing yesterday because I (not/feel) hungry.

2. The glasses look very clean. ____ you (wash) them ?

3. Why ____  Long (not/ want) to play soccer last sunday ?

4. I don’t know Hung’s sister. I (never/meet) her.

5. If more and more trees (die), the climate (change).

6. What she (do) if it rains ?

7. I like (play) soccer on sunday.

8. Hoa prefer (listen) to music to watching T.V.

Câu 3: Viết lại câu

1. They have found oil in the Antarctic.

            Oil ……………………………………………………………..

2. Some one gave Mary this present an hour ago.


3. They told me that our teacher was sick.

            I ………………………………………………………………..

4. Lan has to stay in bed because she is sick.

            She wishes ……………………………………………………

5. She went to school by bicycle.


6. Last week my class took a bus to the countryside.

            Last week my class ……………………………………………

7. This bicycle is more expensive than that one.

            That bicycle is ………………………………………………….

8. “How often do you want the rent?” Nam asked.

            Nam asked her …………………………………………………

9 “Does the flat have central heating?”.

            She asked me ………………………………………………….

10. Has some one repaired this telephone ?

            Has this telephone …………………………………………….?


Câu 1

1. C                 2. D                 3. A                 4. A                 5. C

6. C                 7. C                 8. B                 9. B                 10. A

Câu 2

1. didn’t eat ……. didn’t feel ………

2. Have you washed ………………?

3. Why didn’t Long want ………….?

4. have never meet ………………..

5. die ………….will change ……….

6. what will she do …………………?

7. playing

8. listening

Câu 3

1. Oil have been found in the Antarctic.

2. Mary was given this present an hour  ago. 

3. I was told that our teacher was sick.

4. She wishes she weren’t sick.

5. She rode a bike to school.

6. Last week my class went to the countryside by bus.

7. That bicycle isn’t as expensive as this one.

8. Nam asked her how often she wants the rent.

9. She asked me if the flat had the central heating.

10. Has this telephone been repaired?

Câu 4

1. at                 2. on                3. between                   4. at                 5. at

6. for               7. in                 8. at                             9. on                10. in

Câu 5

1. newspaper   2. news             3. T.V            4. magazines         5. website

6. information  7. emails           8. chats            9. radio                 10.program

4. Đề số 4

A. Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others:

1.         A. carol                       B. habit                       C. graze                       D. match

2.         A. sound                     B. southern                  C. drought                   D. mountain

3.         A. headache                B. character                 C. stomach                  D. challenging

4.         A. ploughs                   B. contacts                  C. stops                       D. talks

5.         A. faced                      B. wicked                    C. fixed                       D. wrapped

B. Choose the word that has the stress pattern different from the others:

6.         A. deposit                   B. festival                    C. institute                  D. resident

7.         A. activity                   B. electricity                C. simplicity                D. pollution

8.         A. achievement           B. experiment  C. explanation D. discovery

9.         A. surprising                B. astonishing C. amazing                  D. interesting

10.       A. interview                B. industry                  C. essential                  D. difficult


Choose the word or phrase that best fits each of the blank spaces:

1.         Milk bottles can be _____________________after being cleaned.
A. recycled                  B. reused                     C. broken                    D. reduced

2.         It was raining heavily __________________we arrived home.
A. while                      B. until                        C. because                   D. when

3.         She asked me ____________________I liked eating chocolates.
A. if                             B. and                         C. that                         D. but

4.         You look _____________________than last year.
A. much tall                B. more tall                 C. much taller  D. more taller

5.         What ____________________advice she gave us !
A. so good                  B. such good               C. a good                    D. good

6.         My dog as well as my cats ____________________twice a day.
A. eat                          B. eats                         C. has eaten                 D. have eaten

7.         When I came into the class, I realized I knew ______________________.
A. them all                  B. all them                  C. they all                    D. all of they

8.         Do it right now, ___________________ ?
A. do you                    B. aren’t you            C. will you                    D. don’t you

9.         We ____________________for her for ten minutes.
A. wait            B. waited                    C. are waiting  D. have been waiting

10.       His father is not interested in tennis and ____________________.
A. he doesn’t, either                            B. so doesn’t he
C. neither does he                                           D. neither is he



1. C. graze                   6. A. deposit

2. B. southern              7. B. electricity

3. C. challenging         8. C. explanation

4. A. ploughs               9. D. interesting

5. B. wicked                10. C. essential


1. B. reused                 11. B. looking

2. D. when                  12. C. How long         

3. A. if                         13. A. have it cut       

4. C. much taller          14. C. would rather    

5. D. good                   15. B. were     

6. B. eats                     16. D. so bad a singer 

7. A. them all              17. C. wouldn’t do     

8. C. will you              18. C. It’s OK

9. D. have been waiting          19. D. was the first bridge built         

10. D. neither is he      20. B. Would you mind         


1. at                 6. by

2. of                 7. for

3. after             8. in

4. under           9. from

5. to                 10. about

WORD FORM (10pts)

1. generosity    6. unsuitable

2. competitors 7. inventions

3. dissatisfied  8. safety

4. carelessly     9. precautionary

5. fertilized      10. traditionally


1. C (to help)               6. A (said)

2. A (be kept)              7. C (plant)

3. D (of)                      8. A (over)

4. B (forgetting)          9. A (repeatedly)

5. C (visiting)              10. C (from)


1. D. play                    6. D. convenient

2. B. difficult              7. B. send

3. C. computers           8. C. without

4. A. information        9. A. to

5. B. stored                 10. D. become


1. There           6. competed

2. stadium       7. from

3. lasted           8. let

4. events          9. with

5. men             10. national


1. He is a good speaker of English.

2. It’s a long time since I saw them.

3. Lan doesn’t study English as/so well as Mai.

4. I suggest that you should ask her yourself.

5. So as  not to disturb the children, we left quietly.

6. I wish I had a laptop.

7. If I were you, I wouldn’t touch that switch.

8. It was such old furniture that we couldn’t keep it.

9. Football is said to be the best game to play.

10. She asked/told me to do her a favor.

5. Đề số 5


I. Choose the word with the different pronunciation of the underlined part:

1. convenient               together                       today                           modern           

2. tool                          moon                           soon                             cook   

3. chemistry                 champ                          church                         champion        

4. cough                      though                         rough                           tough   .

5. hour                         honour                         host                             honest 

6. though                     thought                        within                          than    

7. fear                          tear                              bear                             hear    

8. food                        good                            soon                             too      

9. cure                         tutor                            sure                              pure     .

10. invention               question                       information                 protection.

II. Choose a word that has different stress pattern:

1. person                      enough                       picture                           people 

2. rainfall                     children                      religion                          different          .

3. extreme                   generous                    lonely                            clothing          

4. friendly                   extra                           along                             orphanage       

5. method                    quiet                           major                             electric

6. produce                   towel                          advent                           flower  .

7. interactive               experience                  commercial                   linguistics       

8. temperature             acquaintance              distinguish                    describe          

9. generous                  humorous                   precious                        mysterious      

10. reputation              description                 suggestion                     pollution          .



I. 10 điểm: 1 điểm cho một từ đúng

1. modern        2. cook 3. chemistry     4. though         5. host

6. thought        7. bear 8. good            9. sure  10. question

II. 10 điểm: 1 điểm cho một từ đúng

1. enough        2. religion        3. extreme       4. along           5. electric

6. produce       7. interactive   8. temperature 9. mysterious   10. reputation


1. to     2. did   3. reached        4. were 5. if

6. mind            7. did they?     8. designer       9. there weren’t so many people   10. say

11. perfectly    12. Dormitory 13. consists of?           14. Of all the film       15. pleased with

16. overcome   17. do you find difficult?    18. time-consuming      19. does she?        20. as soon as


I. 20 điểm:        

 D – G – A – F – I – H – B – E – C

II. 20 điểm: 2 điểm cho một từ đúng

1. refusal         2. pollution      3. thoughtless  4. neighborhood          5. action

6. suggestions  7. made           8. politely        9. successful    10. advice

III. 20 điểm: 2 điểm cho một câu trả lời đúng

1. F      2. T      3. F      4. T      5. F

6. F      7. T      8. F      9. N     10. T


I. Cloze test:

1.of                                                      5.which / that 

2.or                                                      6. sources

3.how                                                  7. found

4.polluted                                            8. there

II. Building sentences :

1/ Learning a foreign language is necessary for us to get a good job.

2/ I spoke to the man whose wife was injured in the accident.

3/ My family and I spent two months planning our summer holiday.

4/ The driver stopped his car in time to save the child.

5/ Boxing is too dangerous for her to play , isn’t it ?

6/ If I were younger ,I would learn how to drive a car .

7/ Of all the hotels in town, the Royal Hotel is the most comfortable.

8/ He has tried to stop smoking many times but he has never succeeded

9/ I hope my English will considerably improve at the end of the ( this ) course .

10/ It is difficult to prevent people from parking here.

III. Sentence transformation: 

1/ We have written to each other for six years .

2/ Customers are requested not to smoke in this area of the restaurant.

3/ Can you take care of my cat while I’m on holiday?

4/ He took up Yoga in order to relax.

5/ The house was bought by my grandfather many years ago .

6/ Life in rural areas is healthier than life in urban areas .

7/ It was too late to do anything. / It was too late for anything to be done.

8/ He felt better because of her presence  .

9/ He used to play football in the school team when he was a school boy.

10) The man wanted to know how he could use that machine.


I.  10 điểm: 2 điểm cho một câu trả lời đúng

1. b                  2.a                   3.c                   4.c                   5.c

II. 10 điểm: 2,5 điểm cho một câu trả lời đúng

1/ They wanted to build a car park ( for their new supermarket )

2/ They offered her £125,000  at first.

3/ She is too old and she hasn’t got any children.

4/ Yes, she was.

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